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Email marketing is a tough game to play. Though most people communicate through email more than any other avenue today, using email as a means of marketing is another story. This is because there are a lot of reasons why email marketing can fail. Sometimes, people aren’t interested in subscribing for whatever reason, and those who are subscribed just don’t have the time or the appeal to read them.

Each and every day, marketers are trying different approaches to email marketing, some of these being new tactics and trends. That being said, is it possible we’re already in the future of email marketing? Let’s see.

email marketing, future, email, marketing

It’s All About the Data

If companies want to know whether not their email marketing strategy is working, they need to look at a few select things. One of these things is data. By analyzing the data revolving around user behavior, companies can learn a lot about themselves and their customers. We may tend to think that only some companies are using data to help with their email marketing. But, it’s actually likely that more companies than not are relying on data to completely direct their strategy.

And, what they’re doing with that data says a lot about our “presence in the future.” In the past, companies would look at their email marketing data, but not necessarily know what to do with it. But, the future of email marketing means that this has all changed. Marketers are using specific information to personalize emails, target audiences, and use promotions as a means of bringing in more profit. Perhaps not every company is utilizing the data they have to the fullest, but we’re likely to see companies turnover very quickly.

It’s Out with the Old, in with the Easy-Click

As email marketing strategies are learned, people’s attention spans decrease. Companies are finding more efficient ways to get their customers to do what they want, without deterring them by having too much text. One of these ways is the easy-click email.

An easy-click email is exactly as it sounds. Behold, a way for customers to waste absolutely no time checking their emails and providing companies with useful information. Some examples of easy-click emails include hotel or booking companies asking clients to rate their stay. This may be selecting how many stars you feel represent your experience, or simply clicking a face that represents your feelings. If your company is already doing this, then congratulations; you’ve made it to the future. If your company isn’t quite on board yet, then you still have some time before easy-click emails become the norm.

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Say Goodbye to the Classic E-mail Blasts

These kind of emails are truly a “blast from the past.” Sending out one email to a ton of people seems to be a lot easier than sending a personalized one to each person. But, the future of email marketing means that personalizing emails does not need to be stressful. The Mission Suite makes it super easy to do a task like this, so you can spend more time making deals with each one of your customers.

Engagement is the Main Goal of Email Marketing

Whatever the goal of email marketing was in the past, that ship has sailed. It’s not so much about people opening their emails or even reading them anymore. The future of email marketing is solely about engagement. This means anything from using those easy-click links, to adding social media and sharing icons directly in the email to get people to engage. It’s about offering incentives to those who read your emails, like discounts for referring a friend, or subscribing. The future of email marketing is not just about who can get more emails read. It’s about how many people are actually engaging in those emails.

If you’re focusing on engagement now, then it’s likely you’ve already gone through the email marketing time machine.

There’s a lot of talk about the future of email marketing. However, if you take a look at what your company is doing, it’s likely you’re already there.. In the meantime, request a demo to see how Mission Suite can help you with your email marketing strategy overall.

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