With the increasing dependency of people over the internet, email has become one of the primary modes of communication. Right from giving instruction to employees, communicating with the clients, placing orders for new supplies to convincing new customers and solving their problems, you receive and send countless emails throughout a day. Often, you need to keep a track of all these emails. If you attempt to do this manually, it will turn out to be extremely hectic. As an alternative, it’s advisable to use an email management tool or an office automation software. These days, people prefer to get electronic solutions for every single problem that they are facing and managing the emails is not an exception.

The benefits of email management are countless and there are absolutely no doubts about that. Apparently the term email management might refer to the process of shifting certain messages manually from the inbox to some other appropriate archive folder. Although it might sound feasible during the initial level, just imagine how difficult it would be to manage chunks of emails following this method! Moreover, if a mistake is made in the process, it might prove to be disastrous for your business. If you are not convinced regarding the benefits of using tools like office automation software for managing emails, here are some of the major benefits of doing the same –

  • Reduced exposure to security threats – It’s a very common scenario when viruses are sent through emails. This can be extremely threatening to the vital assets of a company. Right from the information about the customers to the intellectual property – all are extremely crucial for the success of a business. The financial loss that you may have to suffer due to a single data breach, can prove to be fatal for your business. The estimated cost of data theft are quite high and it becomes difficult for companies to deal with these. This is why companies prefer to use an office automation tool that helps them keep all the vital data safe and secure.
  • Minimized compliance costs – In the present time, abiding by the legislative rules is of crucial importance for each and every business. This also helps increase the transparency of the different business practices. Well, it goes without saying that this has proved to be immensely helpful for common people; but then, for most businesses it has become a challenging job to abide by all the minute details of the compliance rules. The requirement of document retention has increased to a great extent and in a scenario like this, a good email management tool helps cut the compliance costs, by streamlining and simplifying the entire process.

Although these are just two of the many benefits of email management, fast recovery from disasters is another major benefit of using an email management tool. In case you have a properly defined archiving system ready at place, it will help you retain all the important emails. It will also help you get the required back up and run the business quite smoothly even after a disaster.