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Analysts estimate that nurtured leads produce, on average, a 20% increase in sales opportunities versus non-nurtured leads. 20%! Why, then, aren’t businesses and agencies doing more to seize this opportunity? Usually it’s because they feel they lack the technological know-how or they reached out to a solutions provider that came back with uncertain, pricey solutions that required too much of a revamping of the sales process.

But the fact is, a far simpler and less expensive solution exists when marketers combine email marketing, marketing automation and behavioral insights to successfully re-engage subscribers and customers.

It’s way too easy for readers and subscribers to slip through the cracks and drop out of email relationships without enough effort to save them. Smart re-engagement techniques can repair that relationship by reaching out to them from different angles with the goal of turning a reader into a customer. Here is one example.


A tourism agency with high end customers noticed that fewer people were reading their newsletter and they wanted to re-engage readers who were not opening their emails. Every month they send an e-newsletter to their database.


Using a medium other than email, the client was guided to learn more about those readers’ interests.


The travel agency looked to identify website visitors who receive their e-newsletter, but have not read it in over three months, and reengage them. To make this happen, they created a workflow that will:

1.) Monitor

  • Who is opening the e-newsletter

2.) Segment

  • Website visitors who are not opening their e-newsletter

3.) Engage

  • When someone who hasn’t opened their email in three months or more visits the site, they will be prompted to fill out a survey about their travel interests through a website pop-up
  • Subsequent e-newsletters will include articles based on the interests captured in the survey.

4.) Results

  • A major jump in re-engagement. Automated behavioral marketing increases sales by delivering targeted and timely messages based on user behavior, shopping patterns and more. This means you send the right message to the right person at the right time.

The triple play of email marketing, marketing automation and behavioral insights combine to catch and nurture prospects and customers on their own terms while driving the marketing agenda with high ROI digital marketing made simple and effective. The newsletter ceases to be a passive communication and evolves into messaging that interacts, learns and converts.

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