How to Use Open and Click Data - Email Marketing | Emailcenter

In my role as Business Development Manager, I regularly encounter email marketers who are quite rightly proud of their open and click through rates. However, when challenged they’re unaware of how to use this information to improve both engagement and sales.

The objective of most email marketing campaigns is to sell products, whether it be a holiday, car or even a pen. Sales mean revenue, which means profit. You should be using your open and click through information to help “guide” your customers into purchasing.

In this article, let’s pretend you’re a travel retailer and want to create a series of automated campaigns to target customers based on the open and click throughs received.

The ‘Open’ Trigger – Follow Up Email

This is where your customer clicks on a link and a follow up email is automatically triggered. For example, your customer has clicked on a holiday in Spain and an email is triggered with additional information on that particular deal, other similar holidays and even a special early booking offer. This information is driven by dynamic content and real-time data collected in the platform.

The ‘Non Open’ Trigger – Further Targeting

So, we now know our customer is interested in a holiday to Spain, but they haven’t opened the triggered follow up email sent to them (how rude). Maxemail will recognise that they haven’t opened this email and enable you to personalise the content of your next email. Again, using dynamic content, this could remind them of the original holiday they looked at, promote a range of other deals for Spain or recommend the Mediterranean.

Originally, the marketer could only see how many people had opened and clicked on the email. Now they can use more detailed information to follow up with each individual customer and target them directly, with the content of their email reflecting their interests.

Basing the content of each email on the customer’s activity will leave them more engaged with the brand and more likely to hit that buy button!