The modern market has several forms of advertisement that businesses can utilize. You can decide to use traditional methods of advertising such as print media or campaigns. However, technological advancements have changed the way of doing things. Most investors prefer to use the worldwide web to market their goods and services.

The most common platforms in the current business environment include social media marketing and email marketing. Each approach has its advantages and disadvantages to the firm. This article explains why you need advanced email marketing in 2017. You will discover that it is an efficient marketing platform that each business should impress.

  • Return on Investment

The most important thing in the business environment is results. You should not invest in email marketing unless you are sure of a fantastic return on investment. Recent surveys reveal that email marketing has one of the highest returns on investment. Most marketing professionals urge that this is the best form of advertisement in the modern world. You need to maximize the use of advanced email marketing in 2017 as it has very high returns on investment.

  • Low-cost

One of the reasons you need E-mail marketing in 2017 is the cost factor. As an entrepreneur, there is the need to focus on reducing costs and maximizing revenues. Advanced email marketing costs lower than other forms of mainstream marketing. You will not incur any postage or print costs in exchange for exposure on a television channel, magazine or billboard. Some email marketers invest in special software that evaluates, track and automate data. You may just pay a small amount of fee to send thousands of emails.

  • Global Market

One reason that should make you go for advanced email marketing in 2017 is that it targets the global market. No other platform will allow you to instantly send messages to millions of subscribers all over the world by a single click. You can use social media to spread the word among your global audience, but you cannot be sure who is reading the message. Email marketing is more accurate and targets a single individual.

  • Calls to Action

Most marketers use email marketing to take advantage of impulse buying. This platform allows clients to witness an offer and purchase the product within two clicks of a button. The platform has a rousing call to action and a direct link to the checkout. This service can drive sales like no other marketing tool, and you need it in 2017.

  • Immediacy

The business can begin to receive several responses within few minutes of sending the email because of its immediacy. One of the brilliant marketing ploys that you can use for email marketing is the 24-hour sale as it persuades subscribers to take immediate action by creating a sense of urgency. You must wait for a few weeks to see results if you decide to use broadcast or print campaigns. You cannot also tell the sale that came in as a consequence of the advert sent.

  • Targets your Market

The only channel that your consumers may ask to receive is email marketing. Most investors who use this channel send emails to subscribers. It increases the conversation level as it only deals with individuals who have some interest in your products. You can send unsolicited email messages, but this can annoy the recipient and damage the image of your brand. Setting up an advance email marketing and advertising system will assist you to target your market. Gone are the days when marketers used to share information randomly.

  • East to Create

You don’t require reams of technical nous or a huge team to make email marketing succeed. You can jazz up an email campaign with fancy logos, images, videos, and templates. However, some of the most successful marketing campaigns make use of simple plain text emails. The implication is that the content of the email is the most important factor that the marketer should give more attention.

  • Segmentation

Marketing professionals prefer to pay when they are sure that the resources they spend targets individuals who have some interest in their products. Advanced email marketing may go a step further and allow you to send emails to customers who meet certain criteria. You can send messages to people who live in a particular region, age group; gender and even profession just to name a few. You can target subscribers who have an interest in sports if you are marketing sporting goods. Segmentation works perfectly for investors who regularly update information about their clients in the database. Market surveys reveal that professionals who use this technique boast of high levels of engagement with their customers.

  • Easy Sharing

Email marketing allows the subscribers to forward brilliant offers and deals to their family members and friends by a click of the button. It is not practical to share other forms of marketing in such a straightforward manner. Your subscribers become the brand evangelist without your knowledge. Therefore, advanced email marketing plays a critical role in introducing your brand to the new market.


Marketing plays a critical role in creating brand awareness in the market. There are several marketing platforms in the modern market, and they differ in their efficiency when it comes to service delivery. You cannot increase the competitive advantage of your business unless you choose the right marketing tool. This article explains why you need advanced email marketing in 2017. The modern business environment is highly competitive, and you need to position yourself strategically to thrive.

Some of the features of email marketing are that it has high returns on investment, is less costly, targets the global market, and has a call to action and immediacy. The platform is also easy to create, can target a given market, and allows easy sharing of information and segmentation. It is one of the best platforms that you can use in the modern market. However, you can integrate this process with other marketing tools that suit your business. The most important thing is to create brand awareness and drive sells for the firm.