Are you missing out on some easy wins with your email marketing? Here’s what we believe are the top opportunities missed by most email marketers.



The highest converting emails you send will probably be those to recent visitors to your site that didn’t buy. Most customers don’t buy on their first visit, so it is important to get them back to your site directly rather than via Google, and risking them finding a competitor. Sending a recovery email will help to capture these visitors and increase the chance of them returning to complete a purchase.

Anniversary Emails

An easy win is to setup a trigger to those who made a purchase a year ago. Consumers tend to be creatures of habit and often to do the same things every year. Use your previous knowledge and their previous experience to entice them back to your site with a relevant and personal email.


A product has run out! What do you have in place to stop customers turning to one of your competitors? Implementing even basic campaigns to trigger around typical consumption patterns will see fabulous results, also including a notify me when back in stock email, with an discounted offer will give them an incentive to wait.

Next Purchase

Many businesses have the issue where customers buy once and then never return. Getting customers to buy a second time leads to a greater chance of becoming a loyal customer, therefore, justifying your high acquisition costs. So after the first purchase send an email, perhaps incentivised with a discount and talk about their first purchase and what their next one could be.


Just because someone doesn’t open the first email you send doesn’t mean they are not interested. This is why it is worth creating a second different version to send out to your non-openers a day or so later. You may find that you can get as much as 50% of the response again.