Recently we conducted a case study on a concept called video voicemails. The idea behind it is that you call a prospect, leave a voicemail, and then followup with a video version of the voicemail in an email. We were excited about the positive results we got from the test. If you would like to see the results of that study you can check it out on our mail marketing blog, but that is not why I brought it up.

Deep down we knew this concept was going to be successful. Why? Because it hits at the heart of what good email marketing is. Human interaction. Many times in marketing we fall into the trap of a “Spray and Pray” technique to reach our customers. I myself have fallen victim to this line of thinking, but the question we have to ask ourselves is “How have I tried to make a personal connection with this prospect?”

At a young age we are taught not to talk to strangers, and we have not forgotten it. If we want to gain some information from our prospect we have to give it. We cant be seen as simply “The Company”. Every company is made up of intriguing individuals, and we should be showing those individuals off. As soon as we make a human connection with another individual they are more apt to give more of their time.

We made a personal connection with a video voicemail. It put the person that was trying to reach the prospect front and center. Instead of just being a voice on the other end of the line we wanted the prospect to see who would be working with them if they chose to continue.

There are many other ways to make an interaction with a prospect more human via email. We all love lists so here it is:

  • Merge Fields – Using merge fields you can add personal touches to impersonal email campaigns. Simply including the individual’s name can give your email a boost.
  • Personality – Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Adding your own personal flair makes you an individual, and people see that.
  • Humor – Adding a little bit of humor can deepen the connection you have with your customers.
  • Admit Mistakes – You are human after all. People relate with you when you admit mistakes rather than cover them up. An example is when we were filming and the lines were forgotten. Rather than cutting that out of our video we kept it because it was a funny mistake.
  • Show Yourself – A picture says a thousand words. Let your reader get to know you. A simple photo can add that personal touch to your email.

I am not the only one thinking about personal email campaigns. Some of the largest companies are shifting towards the same thing. Users have a hard enough time cutting through the clutter. We have to make sure that our email is tailored for the individual. If we strive to do this you will see higher open/click rates, and ultimately more conversions.

Can you think of some other creative examples of being personal in your email campaigns? I would love to hear them!

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