Streamlining the email production process

Lifecycle email marketing programmes should play a prominent part in any email marketers strategy. But what are the benefits and where do you begin? We’ve taken a look at the key programmes to implement within your email marketing lifecycle and listed them below to help you.

What are Lifecycle emails?

Lifecycle email marketing programmes are automated and targeted emails designed to reach your customer at different stages of their online journey, whether that be welcome emails for new customers or discount emails for customers who have been inactive for a while. Lifecycle emails are one of the best ways to keep in regular contact with your customers.

What are the benefits?

Due to their targeted nature, lifecycle emails are very effective and a crucial asset to your marketing plan. A simple win back programme, offering discounts to customers who haven’t ordered for over a year, can result in transactions and improve overall customer satisfaction – killing two birds with one stone!

Some benefits however are not so obvious and measurable. Having a loyalty programme in place will not lead to immediate revenue. Therefore creating a welcome or nurture programme targeted at getting your customers to signup at a certain point (just before a purchase when they are still engaged) will help lead to longer term benefits.

All emails can have long term benefits, however, talking to your customers at the right time, with the right message and content creates an expectation that your emails are worth reading so a boost will be seen across the board.

The 3 programs every marketer should have

Welcome and Nurture

This is essential and needs to be done right. Don’t make your customers feel like ‘just another consumer’ by drip feeding them a series of generic emails. Include personalisation like products they might be interested in based on their buying habits to make your customer feel like they are valued.

As this is quite an early stage within the lifecycle it’s important to be careful with incentives. Your customers may not be ready to make another big commitment or purchase with you just yet so your incentive might fall flat. It’s better to encourage your customers using their personal preferences to visit your website again, maybe even different areas, so their whole experience with you becomes more familiar.

lifecycle - Welcome and nurture - Active

Win back

All online businesses will experience a high percentage of customers who only ever make one purchase, never to be seen again. This is where win back emails can help. A simple ‘We Miss You’ can have a significant impact and give them a prod to revisit your website and potentially make another purchase. Even if you get an incremental 0.5% of these customers back, the size of the segment is so large that this is likely to be the biggest revenue generator of all email programmes apart from abandonment.

lifecycle - Win back - shein


Around 98% of site visitors will be ‘online window shoppers’ and leave without making a purchase AND over half of customers who add items to their basket will end up abandoning it. Having a good Cart and Browse Recovery programme in place can provide up to 5% of all online revenue. So just getting a small amount of this revenue back will make a huge impact on the bottom line.

lifecycle - Browse Abandonment - Boohoo

So, where do you start?

Data Analysis

Having an insight into your customers behaviour is paramount. You need to know what makes a good, high-value customer and what actions they take which set them aside from less valuable customers. Having this information will allow you to create more valuable email programmes.

Data Preparation and Integration

In order to implement lifecycle email programmes, you need automated data streams into your ESP. Without this integration, it’s not possible to automate programmes and reach your customers at the right time.

Design and Build

After that, it’s just a case of the design and build of the emails. Your customers need to know it’s not just another one of your weekly emails so let your creative juices flow and make them stand out!