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Sometimes we can get so caught up in our day-to-day lives that we forget to stop and take time out for ourselves. How many of you are thinking “I wish I’d booked that holiday, I could really do with a break?” I’m definitely guilty of being one of those people that leaves holiday plans until the last minute, but on the other hand, I can be impulsive when it comes to purchases. It’s people like me that you should be targeting with last minute holiday deals to fulfil bookings that you wouldn’t normally sell the space on!

With the right email marketing software, you can create campaigns that push highly relevant content to your customers using dynamic content and data from a variety of sources. Learn from the data collected on your customer’s behaviour, interests and demographics – there are many ways to filter information and generate content that matches this criteria.

Learn From Your Customers

You could batch blast last minute holiday deals to all email subscribers, but how do you know if the departure locations, destinations and prices you’re pushing match your customer’s preferences?

You really need to understand your customers in order to drive return on any email marketing campaign. Take a look at Visit Britain’s Understanding the Consumer Report – it provides good insight into the behaviour and thought process of holiday makers, which they will use when planning marketing activity.

Customer Profile Data

It’s easy to target customers using customer profile data, especially if they’ve willingly completed their profile and provided information about themselves.

Diamond Holidays have got the right idea – customer profile data has been used effectively within our email marketing platform to promote short UK breaks departing from Leicester to those who live within a certain distance of the coach pick up point.

Diamond Holidays Last Minute Holiday Deals Programme | Emailcenter

Past Holiday Bookings

Data tables are great for storing booking history data and current holiday offers, which can then be used for dynamic content in your email marketing campaigns.

Use this data to create a selection of last minute holidays that match your customer’s interests. Customers that booked a five-star all-inclusive resort in Mexico last year are unlikely to be interested in a two-star self-catering apartment in Ayia Napa this year, unless they’ve been on your website and looked at deals like these of course!

Website Browsing Behaviour

Behavioural marketing software will provide insight into the holidays viewed by your customer, what actions were taken and at what point they left your website.

This data is valuable and gives you the opportunity to quickly target them with holiday deals in real time. You can send an email encouraging your customer to complete the booking, recommend other similar deals and feature last minute holidays to tempt them into going sooner.

Don’t Miss Out On Bookings

Don’t lose out on selling last minute holiday deals to your competitors! There’s a chance that they’re already taking action and planning for next season too. Pull together a campaign plan for your last minute holiday deals and consider social media as well as email marketing. These channels work well together and you can use your data effectively to present holiday offers that are relevant to subscribers and followers.

If you’re keen to push your last minute holiday deals and need advice on creating an effective email marketing campaign then don’t be afraid to get in touch with your email service provider.