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Email marketing is a complicated affair. Email is not just another marketing channel. Creating effective emails is an art and science that needs clear-cut thinking, technical soundness as well as timely execution. A simple error can ruin your entire email marketing strategy and put your subscribers off. Therefore, it is of paramount importance that you perform a QA test for all your email campaigns and then hit the ‘SEND’ button.

Let’s discuss the elements you should review before the email is deployed.

1. Preview Text

Your preview text should utilize the content space effectively and make sense for the reader. It should entice the recipient to open the email by elaborating on the subject line and shedding light on what the email is about. Avoid repeating the subject line or the recipient’s name or any other useless information. That said, you should never leave it blank.

2. Fonts in the Email Copy

Nothing can hamper your email strategy more than inaccessible or unreadable fonts and special characters. Make sure the fonts you choose render well across all devices and email clients. Readers mostly skim through their emails, which makes it imperative to pay special attention to fonts.

Pro-tip: Always keep your formatting simple and check it before sending the email.

An email with scattered hyperlinks creates a visual disaster for the reader. It is recommended to have a couple of well-aligned classy and relevant images complementing the purpose of the email and hyperlink those to a landing page. Make sure to hyperlink the header image and logo of the email to direct the subscriber to your webpage.

Always have suitable alt-text for your images so that even if your subscribers are using email clients that block images by default, the message will still be conveyed. You should have a fallback image in case you are using GIF animations, cinemagraphs or video in emails.

Pro-tip: Your CTA should link to the right landing page because that’s where your conversions lie! Needless to say, links should open in a new window.

4. Grammatical Errors

Never forget to PROOFREAD your emails. Grammatical errors, typos, and inconsistent spacing are sure to turn off your subscribers and cripple your brand reputation. You should get the emails peer reviewed before clicking that ‘SEND’ button. You can also have a professional editor or proof-reader to have a look to be doubly sure.

Pro-tip: Promote the right offers. Ascertain that you have included the right date and discount value in the email. (Never overlook this aspect.)

5. Testing

Some marketers follow A/B testing as an email marketing best practice. If you are one of them, you should make sure that the results are reliable enough. It is advisable to be persistent and iterate your emails according to the conclusion you derive from the tests.

The header should have a correctly linked brand logo along with the trademark sign. Check for unsubscribe link, View in browser link and Send to friend link in the email footer.