Email marketing is one of the most widely-used, yet underrated marketing techniques. Many brands use it because it works. But email marketing doesn’t get as much attention as more trendy techniques like influencer marketing.

The hard truth is that email marketing is a tried and tested marketing technique that has been used by marketers for years and it will continue to be used. And the simple reason for it is that it does not require much investment and can help attain a variety of marketing goals.

However, you can’t run successful email marketing campaigns that generate high ROI, manually. You need to use software and tools to optimize your email campaigns and help you get the best out of your email campaigns.

Here’s a list of eight such email marketing tools that you can use to optimize your email marketing and get a high ROI from your campaigns.

1. Find Email IDs for Your Email Lists Using Hunter

Email prospecting is one of the initial steps in running a successful email campaign. You need to identify people that you can target and find out their email IDs to build your email lists.

However, doing that manually can be a tedious and time-consuming process. That is why you need a tool like Hunter that can do that for you.

This tool can help you find the email IDs of people working in any company within seconds. And, you can use their search filters to refine your search and target only relevant people.

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2. Find Ready-to-Use Email Templates From Cakemail

Writing engaging emails and designing them in a way that grabs attention is a crucial factor that determines the success or failure of your email campaigns. And, it’s not feasible to create emails from scratch, every single time.

That’s where a tool like Cakemail can help you. It has a large library of content blocks and email templates that you can use for your email campaigns.

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3. Run Engaging, Automated Email Campaigns Using Mailchimp

Creating personalized email chains and sending out email blasts are the primary steps involved in an email marketing campaign. However, sending emails manually is not exactly feasible for large businesses. That’s why it is always a good idea to use email automation so that you can send emails at the right consumer touchpoints automatically.

Mailchimp is a useful email marketing tool that can help you automate your email campaigns. Though it has a lot of other functionalities and is essentially a one-stop-solution for all your needs, email automation is one of its best features.

And, it is better than most other such tools in the market because it provides smart automation. You can use this to retarget potential customers, send emails on important occasions, send abandoned cart reminders, and a lot more.

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In conclusion, this tool helps you reach the right people at exactly the right moments with the right emails.

4. Track the Website Traffic Driven by Email Campaigns Using

UTM codes are an effective way to track exactly where your website traffic is coming from. And, it can also track the campaign medium (like email, post, tweet, etc.) that is driving the traffic. Using this feature, you can calculate exactly how much share of website traffic is driven by your email marketing campaigns.

This is where a can help you. You can use it to create UTM codes for your email campaigns and calculate the share of traffic coming from there. This tool lets you build and share your UTMs and manage them effectively. This is an essential tool that can help you assess the impact of your email campaigns.

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5. Measure the Performance of Your Campaigns Using AWeber

No matter how well you design your campaign and how effectively you automate and run your campaign, you’ll never know its ROI until you measure the key performance metrics.

You need to use a tool to track and measure the performance of your emails. AWeber is one such tool that you can use to check key metrics like open rate, click rate, etc. What’s more is that it provides visualization options that you can use to make sense of the data that you collect.

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6. Take Your Email Marketing to the Next Level Using Video Emails from BombBomb

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BombBomb is a personalized video email marketing solution that can help you take your email campaigns to the next level.

We all know that videos are much more engaging than any other form of content, especially text. They are easy-to-grasp, require minimal effort to watch, and are engaging enough to keep a viewer interested.

Leveraging the power of videos to fuel your email campaigns is exactly the kind of strategy that can help you stand out. After all, why would a person read your emails when they are bombarded with so many emails every day? Videos just might be the answer to that and BombBomb is the tool that can help you integrate videos into your email marketing strategy.


Running a successful email marketing campaign involves several steps and if you can optimize each step, then you can get the maximum returns from your campaigns.

These tools can help you do that. Leverage these useful tools to improve your email marketing and get the most out of your campaigns.