Email marketing is a popular tool for companies who are interested in building up their relationship with customers, attracting new leads and sharing the latest news and updates with their contacts. The right automated marketing and CRM software can make it easier for your sales team to close deals and boost revenue. When you’re running multiple email campaigns and send a high volume of emails, it can easily get cluttered with dead end leads and other useless data. Here are some strategies for cleaning up your email marketing so it’s more efficient and provides more accurate data.

Continually Update Your Customer Segment Groups and Create New Ones

Keep your customer segment groups up to date by frequently reviewing and updating them. Have you discovered a new segment you want to target that demonstrates different buying habits? Or maybe you’ve recently decided you want to expand your company’s marketing to a new geographic area? Look at the different segment groups you currently have and evaluate whether you should split up segment groups further or create new filters and tags so it’s easier to find certain groups. When you make the effort to continually update your customer segment groups it can increase your chances of providing relevant information that will appeal to your contacts.

Remove or Archive Ineffective or Old Email Campaigns

Another tip that can help declutter your email marketing and make it more effective is to archive old or ineffective email campaigns. Did your company run a campaign with a drip sequence five years ago that resulted in abysmal open rates? Or maybe your first email campaign for people who abandoned their shopping cart at checkout had a very high unsubscribe rate? Record the results of each email campaign and archive the actual campaign itself so your sales team can focus on current campaigns.

Scrub Unresponsive Contacts from Your CRM Database

How many people actually read your company emails? Look over your contacts and make note of how many contacts are unresponsive or have low scores. Remove the leads who are unresponsive or have incorrect email address. This type of purge can help your company make better strategic decisions and have more accurate records.

Review and Update Your Company’s Email Automation Workflow

Lastly, we recommend that you frequently update your company’s email automation workflow. Are the automated triggers working properly? Run a test and switch some of the workflow’s triggers to which one is most effective and in which order. You can also investigate whether there are certain triggers you can add that will improve your company’s overall conversion rate and other analytics. If you are scoring each lead or contact, examine the data to see if certain groups exhibit certain behaviors or fit a certain demographic. This type of information can also help you improve your company’s email automation workflow.

In conclusion, CRM software and email marketing automation can drastically improve your company’s revenue and improve customer relationships. The software can also allow your sales team to focus on other important activities to boost sales rather than repetitive, time-consuming tasks. You can also leverage email marketing to dramatically improve your company’s brand in the digital space. When you and your sales team make a point to keep your CRM database contacts, workflows and campaigns organized and decluttered it can result in cleaner data. It can also make it easier to track important, relevant statistics that can help improve the campaign’s engagement level and conversion rates.