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Would you like to learn a secret that could double or triple your blog traffic? What if I told you that setting up just one type of advertising campaign could give you those kinds of results?

Recently we interviewed Amanda Todorovich from the Cleveland Clinic. Amanda’s team used Facebook to increase their blog traffic by 800%!

The Cleveland Clinic’s marketing objectives are to be as visible and helpful as possible to their prospective patients. Because of the industry they are in, there is no way for them to create demand for their services. By being highly visible, they become the automatic choice for their prospects should a health issue arise in the future.

In this post, we’ve pulled out the golden nuggets on tackling Facebook marketing and answer some frequently asked questions:

  • Is it possible to get results without a content piece?
  • How should you approach the process if you don’t want to waste valuable marketing dollars?
  • Can it work to send your prospects to a sales page immediately?

Facebook Marketing: Free vs. Paid

14564864_sSome people look at Facebook marketing from a purely organic and free approach. There’s nothing wrong with that. It can work.

However, using paid media, specifically Facebook ads, can help you reach your goals faster. If you are like most companies, one of your primary objectives is to gain more customers at a reasonable cost to increase revenue.

If you are attempting to do this for free, then you will need to spend a lot of time becoming an authority in your niche to drive website traffic and get customers into your marketing funnel.

What Results Can You Expect From Facebook Paid Advertising?

When you start with a paid campaign, it is critical that you understand what your process is going to be and what your goals are. If you don’t, your Facebook learning experience is probably not going to be profitable.

Usually, it takes some experimentation before you get it right. With patience and experimentation paid Facebook advertising can deliver awesome ROI. In some cases, it can be a complete replacement for search engine optimization efforts. Amy Porterfield and Rick Mulready built entire businesses around Facebook ads.

I am 99.9% sure that your audience is spending time on Facebook. My challenge to you is to create smart targeting options to go find them! – Amy Porterfield

Permission vs. Interruption Based Marketing

Creating demand in any industry can be hard. The key to effortless marketing is having a helpful customer focused content strategy where you capitalize on demand that is already there. You are helping people with your content and because of that you get the opportunity to market your services.

Customer focused content is permission based, and it takes the awkwardness out of marketing. This is true whether you are selling software products, used cars or medical services.

When you are cold calling or emailing someone that is not interested in your product yet, you are interrupting them. That is why it can get awkward and even turn people off to your company completely.

When you get your clients to come to you, you are one step ahead because there is already some interest in you or what you are offering. By marketing a content piece on Facebook, you can automatically see who’s interested in your information based on whether they clicked on your ad or not. If they are interested in the information that you are offering, then the probability is pretty high that your product or service might be of interest to them too.

Direct Facebook Selling Fail

The reason most people suck at Facebook marketing is because they view it as just that, a marketing tool for their products. People don’t go to Facebook to buy anything. Facebook is about funny cats, family photos, likes, and, of course, interesting information.

If you come in with a hard sell, expect low conversions. It’s like asking someone to marry you at first sight. Utterly ridiculous.

No matter how impressive or good looking you are. People that don’t know your brand don’t trust you. Why would they give you money?

That is why you start out by being informative and helpful. You build trust. When the trust is there, it is a very healthy foundation for doing business and escalating the business relationship.

Building an Email List

Take it down a notch from the hard sell and market a content piece that you exchange for contact details. If you are new to building an email list, you can get a free trial from many email providers like GetResponse. You can host drag and drop landing pages on their servers, so you don’t even have to make any changes to your website to add a quick new offer to your campaign.

Accelerated Facebook Selling Without a Helpful Content Piece

Don’t let your Facebook ads lead to your sales page with your pricing tables. You are wasting your money.

What not to do when advertising on Facebook

You need to make an ad with an offer that is impossible to refuse, like a free trial or free consultation. Your offer needs to be a no-brainer.

Focus on the benefits of your product and not the features. Often your clients have no idea how the features of your product are going to benefit them.

If you are running a content marketing agency, for example, your ad should not be saying:

We have the most creative writers in the industry. Claim your free business article now.

That’s stupid. The people that are going to see your ad are not educated enough about your services to understand the benefits. This would be a better headline:

Double your business leads this month by trying our copywriting services for free.

All of us want more business leads. The benefits are a no-brainer. With a free trial of your services, they might be willing to give it a go.

Laser Target Your Prospects

A great thing about the Facebook advertising platform is that you can laser target the demographics of your prospects. Make your ad successful by making it as niche focused as possible. For example:

Double your real estate leads this month with a free trial of our content services.

The benefits are obvious, and the real estate agent knows that you are talking to him. Personalized and beneficial.

Facebook Paid Advertising Benefits Wrap Up

Use your paid Facebook ads (with clear benefits) to send your prospective clients to a special landing page with an irresistible offer. Let them trade their contact details to get access.

When you apply the tips we gave you in this post; you will develop a recognizable brand and a big email list!