In email marketing, what drives customer retention is engagement. Therefore, your email strategy should be basically looking for opportunities to create and strengthen meaningful relationships with your subscribers. It’s all about giving people what they want/need.

For tech companies (or any kind of company, for that matter), email is a highly useful tool for increasing customer retention. It is the most effective of all marketing channels (including social media) when it comes to nurturing leads. Therefore, you can’t discount the role of email marketing. To be successful at it, here are four top tips that have worked for winning customers and would work for yours too.

Usage Digests

Every week, each user of the editing app, Grammarly receives an email that contains their usage statistics for the past week. Each email is not merely a presentation of numbers but contains useful insights to encourage each user. Now, Grammarly is not a ‘tech’ company. But they have successfully eliminated one problem that tech companies face: assuming that their product is maximally beneficial to users/subscribers. Sharing usage digests in emails helps customers know how exactly your product is driving value for them. For instance, if your company has a fintech app, you might send emails to users with insights into how your app has helped them to save money, as well as links to helpful tips and advice.

Write Relatable Content

It is impossible to be engaging without creating meaningful connections with your subscribers. That’s why relatability is very important in crafting email marketing content. This may be difficult especially when the subscribers’ profile is diverse but it is possible. First, skip the industry jargon except your audience consists of very high-level professionals who want the jargon. In reality, no one cares about jargon; they simply want their product solved. Therefore, if your email does not communicate the problem you are trying to solve clearly, it has missed the point. Likewise, choose your words carefully to avoid overly promoting the product or your company. Instead, focus on the subscriber and use inclusive words. More so, you need not forget your social media followers, One major way of increasing your social media followers is by giving them relatable content that suits their demand.

Tailor Emails according to Customer Journey

Another way to enable engagement is to determine where subscribers are in their customer journey and send them personalized emails that attend to their needs. First, you need to collect and analyze data on your subscribers/customers. This requires intuitive email marketing automation. The aim is to delineate customers according to their stage in the marketing funnel. The five commonly accepted stages are awareness, consideration, conversion, loyalty, and advocacy. Subscribers in each stage want to know the following:

  • Awareness: they want to know what’s in it for them. Make a good impression.
  • Consideration: they need a nudge to finally take an action. Convince them that they are making, not a good but, the best decision.
  • Conversion: they need a straightforward way to take an action. Make it easy.
  • Loyalty: they want to remain engaged. Nurture the relationship.
  • Advocacy: they are happy to recommend you to others. Offer rewards.

Customize your emails according to customer behavior

Much of email marketing is paying attention to the peculiarities of your audience base. How often should you send emails? What time of the day should you send emails? Email marketing is not all content; it includes data as well. You want to preserve the relationship with your subscribers and make it fruitful. That begins with asking: how does this person want to be reached? Again, data is important. Learn your subscribers’ habits by building profiles. Again, this requires data analysis. Likewise, look towards industry benchmarks and determine if they are good enough or you can make them even better for your own company. The foundation of marketing today (email or otherwise) is customer-centricity. Learn to adapt your email practices according to centricity. Your email marketing strategy should undergo iterations to fine-tune your tactics in alignment with subscriber needs.


Tech companies run on a lot of creativity and innovation. And it is important that this energy reflects in marketing. However, this should not be without carrying your users along via email. This article has highlighted ways by which tech companies can achieve stellar engagement with users/clients/customers via effective email marketing. Take your company to the next level by implementing these tips.