October marks the beginning of many festivals and oncoming retail holidays. Some people binge on beer, traditional food and revelries in Oktoberfest, while other commemorate the death on All Hallow’s Eve (Halloween Eve). In the midst of all the celebrations and revelry, we find email marketers busily preparing strategies for one of the busiest quarter of the year… Holiday Season.

Though the path taken by email marketers may vary, each has a similar milestone and destination: Highest ROI and improved brand visibility.

How do they manage it?

Any email marketing strategy is incomplete without an in-depth analysis of the best ‘hit and miss’ products and performance of the previous year’s email campaigns. As per a survey by Selligent and StrongView, analysis of the previous year’s holiday email campaigns has brought forth the following learnings:

  • Email Marketing Budget: 50% increased their email marketing budget to accommodate better resources.
  • Programs Selected: 63% preferred promotion of sales and discounts, 9% opted product recommendation engines and 8% cross and upsold different offers.
  • Tactics Adopted: 39% focused on segmentation and targeting their audiences, 12% leveraged data to improve relevancy and 9% aimed at testing subject lines.

This helped 35% email marketers to increase subscriber engagement, 14% to improve segmentation and targeting and 12% to improve data analysis to improve customer context understanding.

What shall be in trend this year?

Even though there are loads of elements to be focused upon, holiday season emails shall have certain traits in common:

  1. Mobile-friendly
  2. Festive-theme subject lines
  3. Holiday deals-centered email contents
  4. Social sharing options
  5. Less of promotional and more of trust building
  6. Friendly and witty responses to cart abandoners

Wrap up

Holiday emailing is an integral part of the marketing strategy of any business. Do it right with these expert tips:

  • Create responsive email designs.
  • Pen down festive and creative yet to the point subject lines.
  • Create content and design that goes with the holiday mood.
  • Target the lazy lot with gift card options and last minute gifting ideas.
  • Give your welcome and cart abandonment emails a holiday twist during the holidays.

Want to spread the holiday cheer through your emails? You need to know the nitty-gritties of creating an awesome holiday email marketing campaign. All it boils down to is creating your holiday game plan and adding that flair to your holiday emails.