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Emails tend to increase a lot this season. With companies likes yours offering fantastic incentives for customers, it seems like our inboxes are about to explode with newsletters and additional emails. While we all enjoy getting some goodies from our favorite websites and businesses, most of us are already too preoccupied to read through everything. So, if you plan on adding something to your email marketing campaign this December, make sure you avoid causing consumer headaches with these email marketing errors.

email marketing, December, holidays, email marketing December

Stress Your Customers Out

Sometimes, emails can make customers stress out. You might be wondering how a sweet email offering a large discount on your product could be considered stressful. Well, if that discount expires tomorrow, or your client needs to buy five of that product to get any discount at all, they might become stressed. If you want to offer your customers something nice this holiday season, do so in a way that’s going to benefit both you and the client. Give them enough time to take advantage of the sales and don’t make it too overwhelming.

Leave Out Your Leads or Old Customers

Your leads want to get in on all the action, too. Just because they haven’t bought anything from you yet doesn’t mean they won’t want to now. If your email marketing list has grown recently, then make sure to include those people in your December deals. The same goes for your old customers. Just because they haven’t ordered something in a while doesn’t mean they don’t want to return to your store!

Forget to Research the Competition

So, you’re offering 25% off. But, those guys next store are offering 50% off virtually the same thing. You may think you’re giving away a good deal in your email marketing this time of year, but think again! If you don’t research the competition, you could make yourself look like quite the fool this holiday season.

email marketing, December, holidays, email marketing December

Send Too Many Emails Too Frequently

We get it. You really want to get the word out there that you’re having a cool sale or a freebie for your customers. But, excessive emails are just…excessive. When people log into their inbox, if they see the last seven emails were from you, they’re probably going to scroll by all of them. One great email is a safer bet than three bothersome ones. Even if you need to send out a hefty batch of emails this month, remember to always segment them accordingly.

Being Too Abstract About “The Holidays”

Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa…Christmashanakwanazaka…whatever you want call it. Nowadays, companies like to use the term “Holidays” as lightly as possible. Just take a look at the whole cup fiasco at Starbucks. At the end of the day, people who are taking advantage of the promos on your email campaign are going to like it whether or not you write “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays.” While you should be careful with your ‘lingo,’ overthinking what you say too much may scare people off, too.

A strong email marketing campaign is important this time of year. The Mission Suite is here to help you and your customers enjoy the holiday to the fullest. Request a demo today!