Fact: Email Marketing is on the rise again

Fact: Your contacts database deteriorates with time

Fact: You have to constantly add contacts to your database in order to grow your audience and have a better response to you marketing efforts

Question: How do you grow your email list?

Answer: This infographic offers some great ideas how to grow your email list without being a pain and irritating customers. You can find out more tricks of the trade for growing email lists here.

Email is the best way of contacting existing and potential clients. Email is considered to be the most grown-up, professional and reliable medium for communication so if you are not sending emails to customers now, you are potentially missing out… A LOT.

But how do you grow your email list? Surely asking strangers for their email addresses is a bit awkward and rude, or is it? How about purchasing one of those email lists that promise to be addresses of ‘nurtured leads’? Those two options are a big no-no, because if you want your business to prosper, your marketing to be profitable, your emails professional and your clients happy, you will have to do it the hard way.

That is, you will have to make some effort into growing your database. Some of the activities that surround growing your email list seem pretty straightforward – like making subscribing easy, other may require more effort- like offering a free eBook or running a contest. Look at the infographic and also read here about the best and most reliable ways to grow your email list the right way.

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