Previously on Sales Wars: Part 1 of our two part series “Going Above and Beyond With Your Email Marketing” emphasized the importance of personalizing and maximizing one’s email marketing strategy. This week—sales Jedi Matt Banner returns to share how this new and improved strategy can be used to take on the marketing universe.

7 Ways Email Marketing Puts Your Business and Your Brand on Blast

1. You Can Measure Your Success


Measuring the success of your marketing can be extremely difficult when you’re dealing with things like social media, organic search, and PPC campaigns. This isn’t the case with emails; however, through a few simple statistics, you can track the exact return on your investment:

  • Track email open-rates
  • What email platforms users have
  • Click-through rate
  • Conversions

With these simple statistics, you can pinpoint exactly how much return you made on your email marketing efforts. Can’t beat that!

2. Professional Email Build Links
Link Building

While the main focus of your email marketing is to reach consumers, nurture leads, and gain conversions, a great email campaign can do so much more for your business. When you’re planning out your link building efforts, email outreach will quickly become a viable option. Knowing how and when to send emails to your influencers can mean the difference between a link and a pass.

3. Email Marketing Can Be Personalized
Email Marketing

Many types of marketing focus on a wide audience, and fail to bring unique and tailored experiences to different types of customers. This is where email marketing rises to the occasion. You can start this process by segmenting your email list into different types of subscribers.

Here are a few to consider:

  • New subscribers (people who haven’t bought anything)
  • Recent conversions (they bought something for the first time)
  • Dedicated buyers (frequent purchases)

While you want to continue narrowing down these categories, starting with something like this allows you to understand the current mindset of the users you’re targeting. The new subscriber wants more information from your company’s blog, the recent conversion wants more options to choose from, and the dedicated buyer wants a VIP experience and exclusive promotions.

It’s Getting Better:
Today’s email marketing solutions will help you create personalized emails like these that pull from a customer’s recent purchases or behaviors. You can even set triggered emails to send when customers do something like make a purchase or sign-up for your email list.

4. Email Marketing Costs Less
email marketing costs less

While other types of marketing will have high overhead costs and require a large team to maintain, email marketing can be done with a fraction of the time and capital. There are a variety of services and software that can help you utilize templates and automation to manage your email marketing campaigns without the need for a massive team.

5. A Variety of Users

Email can be used for almost any aspect of communication between your business and your customers. Whether you’re sending an announcement, promoting your latest blog post, or inviting them to an event, email is one platform that can satisfy almost any communication need.

6. Faster Sales Conversation

No other platform but email allows a customer to see a call-to-action and immediately purchase the product within a few clicks. This friction-less process allows for massive conversions based solely on impulse buying nature.

7. Global Reach

Once someone provides their email to you, a direct connection is established between you and them, no matter where they are. This ability to reach customers on a global scale makes the potential of email marketing practically limitless in terms of reach. In a world where organic reach on social media is dwindling, in email marketing—it’s never been higher!

Final Thoughts
Email is incredible in that it offers a low-cost, high return opportunity to reach countless new leads and customers, regardless of their location. It is a powerful means of communication, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. With the right tools, and an understand of how subject lines and personalization plays into the overall strategy, you can create long-lasting relationships with your customers, and foster new ones through lead nurturing.

How do you utilize email to build links, generate leads, and skyrocket your conversions?