Email Marketing ReachStudies keep confirming that email marketing is an effective way to reach prospects and deepen relationships with current customers.  So —- why do some email marketing campaigns fall flat and others create wonderful ROI?  Let’s look at some of the statistics found in Slideshare presentation from called “50 Stats You Need to Know About Content Marketing”.

While the article is about content marketing in general, many of the observations apply directly to your email marketing efforts.

Useful Content

When asked by the research team, 90% of consumers found that custom content was useful to their buying decision.  The buyers want to be educated and informed before they make any purchase.  Sending an email with a link to useful content develops a deeper trust level in their minds.  In fact, 70% prefer to get to know your company from articles – rather than from your advertising.  The believe (78%) that an organization that provides custom content is interested in building a good relationship with them.


Smart companies post content on their website or blog and then point their emails to their site with a hyperlink.  53% of them report that it is the single most effective SEO tactic in their marketing arsenal.  They also report that marketing with useful content costs 62% less than traditional marketing.  In terms of ROI, they report that content generates three times as many leads as traditional marketing.

Open Rates

No matter how many times you edit to refine the content of your email, it is a waste of time unless the email is opened.

Think about the emails in your own inbox. Which ones are always opened?  The ones you get from friends and family are the first ones to be read, right?  What can you send people that they consider friendly and not promotional?

Emotional connection is the key to getting your emails read.  While you can’t imitate the connection a person has with family and friends completely, you can learn from those relationships.  The content of your emails creates an image of you as friend or foe.  Are you sending them emails with the obvious purpose to sell something?  Or do your emails offer something highly valuable to them?

Relationships run their course and will often fizzle out over time.  This is true with friendships and with your relationship with your email subscribers.  Target your emails to a person and stop thinking of them as a subscriber only.


It can be disheartening to work so hard to develop an email list and then be hit with unsubscribe requests.  If the email recipient prefers to learn about a company via email, why do they decide to leave your list?  Here is a quick list offered by eZanga:

  1. Email overload is sited as the most common reason
  2. Poor subject lines
  3. They are bored with your content
  4. Content is irrelevant to them
  5. They were never a good lead for you
  6. Things have changed
  7. Another company markets better
  8. Email doesn’t display correctly

The goal is to make your email marketing become more useful over time.  When the recipients find value in the emails you send, it can be the strongest effort you make to earn new business.