With over 3.2 billion email accounts worldwide there are 416 commercial messages sent on average to subscribers. In spite of all the latest and new technologies offered through the various social media platforms and mobile apps email still outperforms because of its return on investment (ROI).
Consequently, investing on email marketing has an average return of 44.25 for every dollar spent. Without further ado, the faceoff between two cloud-based industry giants GetResponse vs Marketo. The all-in-one tool GetResponse tool takes on Marketo’s four discreet module system.

In this post, we’re going to compare each email provider´s features in the fields of:
• Pricing
• Email Marketing
• Landing Page Builder
• Auto Responder
• Webinar Tool



In addition to great features and usability GetResponse offers competitive pricing that is more affordable than by the likes of Marketo. The approach to their pricing strategy is straightforward: no contracts, no obligations and cancel anytime. The pricing is matched up with the number of subscribers a business has and can help grow over time while maintaining control of costs.

Screenshot of the GetResponse prices.
Screenshot of the GetResponse pricing services.


Marketo’s system is composed of four modules (marketing automation, consumer engagement, real-time personalization and marketing management). They can be purchased separately or combined into one single suite, but a more integrated or unified system is better suited for certain types of businesses. And the company’s modules are arranged into tiers: Spark, Standard, Select and Enterprise. Overall the Spark edition is pricier for smaller businesses, but their packages are price tagged higher than GetResponse’s pricing.

Choose a individual or a bundle plan for Marketo´s tiers of services.
Choose an individual or a bundle plan for Marketo´s tiers of services.

Point for Pricing Goes To: GetResponse

Businesses trying to drum up business or grow their subscriber base GetResponse offers huge opportunities. Keeping tabs on your resources, expenses and budget are instrumental, so opting for GetResponse is the safe route.

Email Marketing

Email marketing continues to evolve from one year to the next. The tactics behind designing an effective marketing campaign carried out are more creative today in large part because of the technologies available in the marketplace. When package email announcements with lots of visually appealing content that includes videos and illustrations the better the engagement will be. But moral of the story is maintain consistency and learn to listen to your audience.


The email marketing tools for GetReponse can be characterized as very intuitive, and easy to use. It has a responsive email design that is compatible with most devices (computers, tablets, smartphones, etc.). There is simplicity in customizing web templates with over 500 to choose from and designing eye-catching landing pages that helps increase campaign conversion and user engagement. The functionality and optimization tools help generate more transactions.


For Marketo, email marketing tools is also graded as user-friendly, but tailored towards the best strategy based on the interactions with email subscribers. The information is heavily broken down into maximizing and testing areas like: subject line, layout and images, call-to-action, time of day sent, target audience, and more. So the email campaign is determined by the perceived value you deliver in your communications to subscribers, and is where you can capitalize on converting potential customers into legitimate leads.

Email Marketing Marketo

Point for Email Marketing: GetResponse

Both companies offer unique set of products and customizations for businesses looking to convert on their target customer, but GetResponse offers an easier platform to navigate. In addition, having mobile-ready responsive email design allows the business to really focus on getting the message out about current campaigns and promotions.

Land Page Builder

Landing pages have continued to change and evolve over time. It is not about putting too much or too little into them, but rather populate information that is essential to the user. After all they are your lifeline to your business.


On top of providing the best value for your money, the GetResponse selection of landing pages are responsive by default and allows to really personalize the presentation of news and make content that much more interesting. You can use the land page builder in three easy steps: choose template, customize your page and publish with a single click. It comes equipped with mobile-friendly pages ready for launch in minutes and no need to have an information technology (IT) background, or coding HTML knowledge.

Landing Pages GetResponse


A year ago Marketo released fully responsive landing pages, and the landing page editor tool provides structured editing to really create vibrant pages. The tool allows you to create a landing page as a draft and share it with anyone. This testing enhancement facilitates users to have a peek into the responsiveness of pages and really optimize the site for the web along with mobile platforms.

Langind Pages Marketo

Point for Landing Pages Goes To: GetResponse

In this category, GetResponse enables users to really customize and personalize the experience to fit the interests of its customer base. It has enhanced the content´s presentation and ability to generate engagement, which is what is needed to produce sales.


Autoresponders should be about facilitating the business, enterprise or entity the freedom to automate the message in a fluid and consistent manner. It is after all about tailoring, targeting and adapting the message to the needs of targeted customers.


Autoresponders 2.0 for GetResponse goes a step further with marketing automation. It can send follow-ups cycles, personalized birthday emails, 1-to-1 communications with easy to customized offers, and more. In other words, everything comes to pushing out action-based messages that respond to your targeted customer´s needs and interests by matching content that will trigger a transaction.

Autoresponder 2.0 GetResponse


The Marketo system for using autoresponders is vastly more robust, and complex. Instead of simplifying the processes it instead can allow the user to select an auto response, schedule it and save it. Whereas everything should be automated and integrated Marketo implements this section with a series of steps.

Autoresponse Marketo

Point for Autoresponder Goes To: GetResponse

Autoresponders are just that much more nifty and loaded with action-based features for GetResponse. This gives GetResponse the clear edge as it has developed an automated responder that generates engagement and converts potential customers into leads.

Webinar Tool

Webinars are a great tool to really build brand loyalty and expose the company´s brand in a much more humane fashion. It also is a much more engaging channel for potential customers to become more familiar with products or services, and simultaneously convert them into purchases or leads.


With webinars the GetResponse solutions or in this case can equip you with a complete webinar marketing solution. You not only are able to acquire new clients, but have the ability to nurture existing leads. This is all possible because of the advanced integration with GetResponse´s email marketing and predesigned webinar invitations, and reminder templates.

Webinar GetResponse


In this instance Marketo takes a comprehensive approach to creating webinars. To create or setup a webinar in GoToWebinar. Enter basic information like the name for webinar, description (optional), time, type, and schedule webinar. It does not currently support recurring webinars, so they are just single sessions between each Marketo event and GoToWebinar webinar.

Webinar Marketo

Point for Autoresponder Goes To: GetResponse

Creating visibility for your brand is one thing, but building a dialogue and a relationship with customers is what sets apart successful companies. The webinar tool from GetResponse allows for brands to set brand their unique efforts and build legitimate brand loyalty through the webinar tool.

And Winner of this side-by-side is GetResponse

Takeaways and Conclusions

GetResponse overall possesses simplicity, ease of use, affordability and best value for money. It is an ideal solution for marketing automation for small and medium-sized business (SMB) organizations. It empowers SMSs and online marketers to quickly get up and running successful campaigns.

On the other hand, if you are a fairly large business-to-business (B2B) company searching for a custom-built solution, and prospect engagement with specific business goals then Marketo is solid option.

Finally, GetResponse gives businesses a great return on investment (ROI), keeping costs under control whereas a Marketo solution might be out of your reach. What is evident is GetResponse is the runaway winner because of all the comprehensive features that are tailored to maximize campaigns for marketing automation.