five_types_of_events_that_can_grow_your_email_list-523032Are you looking to attract high-quality subscribers to your email list? One of the most effective ways to do so is to host an event that will pull the right audience to you. With the right type of event, you can not only grow your personal brand, you can also begin a long-term connection with people who will become your email subscribers.

Here are five different types of events you can host to grow your email list (and many of these events won’t cost you a penny!):

#1: Online challenge

Create an online challenge that helps people accomplish a specific goal and positions you as an expert who helps them achieve their objectives.  For example, if you are a photographer, host a 30-day challenge where people can improve their photography skills. Or, if you are a social media consultant, create a challenge where people learn to use Facebook for marketing. Once you decide on a topic, create a landing page that requires people to enter their email addresses to participate in the challenge. Bonus Tip: Start a private Facebook group just for your challenge participants so they can network and ask you questions.

#2: Free webinar

Another type of event that attracts your ideal customers is a free webinar. Research a topic that will answer your audience’s top question. Like with the online challenge, set up a landing page about your webinar and have people register by providing an email address.

Make sure to offer a recording of your webinar in case people can’t make the live event. Also, write a post-webinar email to thank your new subscribers for participating.

#3: Free teleclass

Hosting a free teleclass is perfect for collecting email addresses as well. Again, the trick is to create a landing page with registration by email address (once someone registers, the confirmation email can contain the call-in number).

Consider scheduling your teleclass during the workday or afternoon commute, as these are great times for people to listen in. To attract even more people, open up the line for Q&A at the end of the call. Many people love the opportunity to pose their questions to an expert.

#4: Social media chat

Have you ever participated in a chat on Twitter or a Facebook Q&A session? Both types of social media chats are fun and interactive ways to answer your audience’s questions and inspire conversations. You can host a social media chat on a regular basis, or just as a special one-time event. Either way, offer a transcript for the chat to participants (this is how you will get their email addresses).

#5: In-person workshop or presentation

While hosting an in-person event is the costliest of solutions, it can reap great benefits for you. You can require an email address for registration or ticket purchase. If it’s a free event, offer a gift that requires people to submit their email addresses. Be creative, offer value and you’ll have lifelong subscribers who look forward to your content.

Hosting an event is an effective way to find the right audience and grow your email list. But remember the golden rule of email marketing: Always tell people that you are adding them to your email list. Be transparent. Give them an opportunity to unsubscribe, and promise not to spam them or sell their email addresses to anyone. When someone gives you his email address, he is entrusting you with a valuable piece of personal information. If you are transparent with your intent, you are beginning the foundations of a trustworthy relationship that will prosper over time.

21-Day Personal BraAnding Challenge

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