61% of marketers surveyed agree that email messages are still the most effective digital marketing channel. This was followed by websites, SEO, social marketing, paid search, mobile, and finally, display channels.

But, as we mentioned in an earlier post, your email messages have to be relevant for people to open them and then take action on what you put inside the email. If your message is not relevant to what the recipient is interested in, they feel that you are just wasting their time.

The next most effective channel for digital marketing, as rated by these marketers, is the website. Websites have to be the center of your marketing universe. This is where your company is going to get the ultimate goal, a sale, a lead, a new member, etc. The challenge that we see with the website is still too much emphasis on the look of the site.

Now, I agree that sites have to be designed properly, a brand’s image can be damaged by a poor design, and website designs have to keep up with the times, but…if you are going into a new website project it is critically important that you include conversions, in your conversation. If your site isn’t developed in a way that will encourage a prospective customer to become a customer, your site will have minimal value to your company.

The last channel that was mentioned on this chart, that I’d like to comment on is SEO. 50% of the marketers feel that this is their most effective channel while 45% felt that it is their most difficult. This isn’t surprising and if you don’t find these statistics to be the same for your efforts I’d be really surprised.

SEO is still one of the most misunderstood and frustrating channels within the digital marketing effort. Constant algorithm changes, misinformation by unscrupulous or just bad search agencies, and a whole host of other difficulties leaves marketers still scratching their heads over SEO.

Not to over simplify SEO, but one of the tactics that you can use to have a dramatic impact on your SEO rankings is to make sure that your website has fresh, relevant content for your users.

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