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In email marketing, the term ‘opt in’ is used when a person is given the option to join an email list. By obtaining permission and asking the consumer to provide their details you can ensure the correct information is captured, and make certain that your email lists are compliant. There are two processes to choose from when implementing your sign up programme – single opt in and double opt in.

Single Opt-In and Double Opt-In Processes Explained

Single opt-in is where the consumer takes one action to provide permission, usually by ticking a box alongside their details. Many organisations then trigger an email to thank them for signing up with an opportunity to unsubscribe if they wish.

Double opt-in requires the consumer to take a second action following their subscription, usually by clicking a link in the triggered email sent to the address provided. The theory behind the double opt-in is it guarantees that anyone who provided the email address has to have access to the mailbox to click the email link. Bots and malicious signups won’t work if they don’t have access to the email account to confirm their subscription.

Choosing The Right Opt-In Process

Single opt-in is the best tactic if you’re building a newsletter list – it can be as much as 60% of people who don’t click the confirmation email.

Double opt-in is best used in transactional situations, like when the consumer requests a trial. Here you’ll have 100% guarantee you’ve collected the right address, and they’re more likely to click the link within your follow-up email when there’s significant value in doing so.

How to Maximise Double Opt-In Rates

As discussed you will lose opt-ins when you use this method. The best tactic to avoid this is to send a follow-up email to those that don’t respond. But also make sure you keep the initial email clean and simple, with a clear from name and subject line highlighting action is required. And don’t forget to tell people it will be in their inbox!

What Are The Other Advantages of Double Opt-In?

If you have ever encountered issues where customers complain about never signing up to your emails then double opt-in is the best method. Always record the time and date, IP address and click through from the signup email to make sure you’re covered.