Email marketing is one of the primary methods used for lead generation by business owners and can lead to incredibly good results. However, the key to success with every online marketing campaign, including sending targeted email blasts to your loyal subscribers, is personalization.

You just can’t achieve the results you desire by sending generic mails to your leads and this is why many of the popular email marketing solutions such as Mailchimp and Automation Wizard offer you the ability to personalize the messages based on multiple factors. With just few clicks, you can create custom-tailored, personalized messages that will succeed in making your subscribers feel valued.

So How Do Email Retargeting Actually Works?

As already mentioned, email retargeting allows to create personalized messages for your subscribers based on certain parameters or behavioural patterns. For example, let’s say you just sent an email with the latest product promotion to all your newsletter subscribers. It’s probably really generic, isn’t it?

Once the first email is sent out, as per the above example, you can re-target your subscribers based on different set of actions they have or haven’t completed. For example, you can create personalized email for all those, who opened your email, but didn’t visit your website or to all those, who missed your special offer. Furthermore, you can create schedule for these emails to be sent after different periods of time, which works magic with lead nurturing for businesses within any industry!

Email retargeting depends on successfully identifying the steps a subscriber needs to take to become a customer and creating personalized content for each one of these. Thanks to modern solutions and off course the power of the cloud, you can now streamline and automate virtually the entire process.

Creating the Ultimate Email Retargeting Plan for Any Business

Now that we cleared what email retargeting is all about, it’s time to explain what it takes to create the ultimate plan for your particular business or industry. While, there is no silver bullet when it comes to crafting personalized email content for your subscribers, there are certain steps you need to take along the way and these are quite similar for business of any size or industry. Let’s review common situation, where email retargeting could boast huge impact:

  1. A visitor comes to your website and fills in a form to subscribe for your mailing list
  2. His name and contact details are automatically added to your CRM or email marketing solution
  3. You create personalized email series to convert the particular lead into customer
  4. The first intro email is sent out and you measure the interactions – Was it opened? Were there clicks on the links? Did he actually visited the web page?
  5. Depending on the outcome of the 4th step, you can now create custom-tailored content emails for any situation and interact with the subscriber every step along the way.
  6. The content series from step 5 are activated and your leads fall into different categories and they begin to receive these, as per your specific configuration.
  7. Some particular subscribers complete all steps in the content series and they are now ready to become your paying customers.

Although, this example is pretty basic and rather generic, it helps gain better understanding on how email retargeting actually helps deliver much higher conversion rate from any email list! I would love to hear your feedback in the comments below: