Driving New Sales and Customer Acquisition 

Email Marketing vs. Social Media Marketing – And The Winner Is?Everyone seems to be talking about and spending a lot of time focusing on social media marketing these days for their business – But Why?  Research shows that email marketing is still far more effective and outperforms social media marketing in every way. Customer acquisition via Email Marketing has quadrupled over the past 4 years. Email Marketing now accounts for 7% of all new customer acquisitions. While organic search via Google is still the most powerful marketing and acquisition channel  and accounts for almost 16%, all other social media platforms lag far behind.  Facebook is insignificant and a worthless time waster for customer acquisition and Twitter is even worse.

Plan for Mobile in your Email Marketing Strategy

Mobile devices are here to stay and 45% of users check email on their smartphones and mobile devices.  This within itself provides a challenge for most companies email marketing efforts. 65% of all mobile users will unsubscribe if the email message you are sending has rendering issues or doesn’t look right on their mobile device. Optimizing your email marketing messages for all platforms is critical to the success of any email marketing strategy.

Losing Sight of Home Plate while Rounding Third

Too many companies are looking for the next best thing and losing sight of the most important and proven methods of marketing their businesses. Being the first company to use a new social website or a new marketing strategy isn’t always the best idea, especially when you forget the core marketing practices that are proven to work.  Being well ranked organically, utilizing PPC, email marketing and insightful blog articles to drive sales should be at the top of your list.  Don’t get blinded by all the hype of the “next best thing” when it comes to marketing your business. Stick with what works and try to improve upon them. While social media might be anenhancer to your overall marketing strategy, it shouldn’t be what you focus on to drive sales and new customer acquisitions.

Is Social Media Marketing a Huge Waste of Time?

I think social media as a whole is a monstrous waste of time in an attempt to acquire new customers. Let’s look at Coca-Cola and their 50+ million Facebook fans as an example.  They seem to do a good job in providing a constant flow of content in their social media stream. How many of Coke’s 50+ million followers do you think they’ll reach with a status update? How about 5%? If Coca-Cola wants to attempt to reach the other 95% of their Facebook fans, they will have to pay Facebook to do so. Who wins in this scenario? I can give you a hint – It’s not Coke.  This isn’t 2008 and the perceived “Like” value isn’t what you think it is.  Likes are worthless, well almost worthless.

Focus Your Marketing on What Actually Works and Generates Results

The secret to good social media marketing:  Sell and deliver good products and offer great services. If you can’t trick people into “Liking” your brand, maybe you can try to make them actually – you know – like your brand.  How you ask? Under Promise and Over Deliver.  Sell and deliver quality products and offer services that are really, really good. That’s not to say you should completely forsake social media marketing communication altogether. Every once in a while if you have something interesting to say, then by all means use Twitter or Facebook to say it. But stop posting pictures of cute kittens in an attempt win cheap, meaningless Likes.