The rise in popularity of social channels has cast a doubt over the future of email marketing with some people even claiming that it’s “dead”. Many dispute that email lacks the instant real-time engagement that can be achieved through social networks, however it’s worth remembering, that this is not the objective of email marketing. Both methods of communication serve very different purposes and the real value of email campaigns lies in segmented lists and driving traffic and conversations.

More qualified contacts: Opt-in email marketing lists allow you to deliver your message to a more qualified audience. The majority of your contacts will be made up of past or potential customers who have subscribed to your list after availing of your services/purchasing a product or because they are genuinely interested in your services and took the time to fill in the subscriber form. The same cannot be said for social media. Do you know how many of your followers are actual customers, or are they only following you to enter your latest competition?

Segmented lists: Email marketing allows you to personalise your message and target a specific group of people based on a variety of preferences such as interests, recommendations based on browsed and purchased products, age etc.  By customising your emails to meet the needs of a segmented group of subscribers, your audience will receive updates that interest them personally, making your campaigns more relevant and more likely to convert.

Deliver more information: Not confined to 140 characters or just one image, email marketing allows you to communicate more information to your recipients. While social media offers the advantage of instant updates, email marketing allows you to communicate this message in more detail and customise the information based on customer preferences.

More profitable: A recent study by Custora reveals that Facebook and Twitter are weak sales channels, while clients acquired through email tend to shop and spend more. In fact the data shows that customers attracted by email campaigns are 12% more valuable than the average customer.

There is no denying that social media channels are more effective at offering better levels of customer engagement and satisfaction, however it seems that email is the best way to boost profits!