When I speak to attendees at my email marketing workshops one of the most frequently asked questions revolves around frequency and in particular, how much is too much is too much? Many marketers are hung up on the idea that email marketing is something they should do once a month and any more will drive subscribers away in their droves.

They are wrong.

So how much is too much?

Thankfully, there is quite a simple answer to this question.

If you insist on sending dull, disengaging, untargeted campaigns, then a single email is one too many. Remember, once you have persuaded your subscribers that your campaigns offer little or no value, you will find it incredibly hard to win their future opens, even if they do remain subscribers. Inactive subscribers cost money and can potentially damage your reputation.

Conversely, if your emails are highly targeted and consistently provide real value to your subscribers there is really no limit to the number of campaigns you can send.

Segmenting your list will help you increase the number of emails you send in any given time, without flooding your subscribers’ inboxes.

Careful use of email marketing design templates means that numerous campaigns can be created with very little creative input from your design team. This makes it very easy to line up and schedule multiple campaigns to go out over a period of days, weeks or months.

A regular flow of emails to the various segments of you list will also ensure a steady flow of orders or enquiries into your business as opposed to the feast or famine of work created by a once a month assault on your entire list. Sending more emails to fewer people will help you streamline your entire operation from the warehouse through to customer services and ensure a steady flow of revenues into your business.

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