email marketing is hot on mobile

Rapid change in people’s attitude towards smartphones and tablets has an influence on many aspects of their web browsing actions. Of course there are many activities you can conduct on the Internet, but, according to statistics, it seems that checking email is the most frequent thing mobile users focus on.

Ever-increasing Numbers

Mobile Email Opens
Source: Litmus as cited in company blog, December 6, 2013

Email Monday’s report depicts a rapid growth in mobile email usage. The report points at the fact that when people send an email, between 15-70% of those who will open them will do that via a mobile device. What is more, Litmus informs that 51% of emails are opened with mobile devices. That is a 63% increase from January 2012! Return Path casts even more light on this phenomenon. Their data from December 2013 show that half of the emails sent this past holiday season were opened via smartphones or tablets. For the second half stand desktop and webmail, each of them amount to a quarter of emails.

Mobile Email vs Desktop
Source: Litmus as cited in company blog, December 6, 2013

Are there some positive aspects of this trend? Of course there are! In business and marketing, mobile friendly email marketing becomes a must, since it gives a large boost to the number of sales. According to Google’s “Mobile Path to Purchase”, mobile device users take action more quickly. 55% of users will immediately purchase an item they found on their devices. What is also important, Google’s report says that businesses which do not support mobile devices, do not respect their customers as well. With such a customer attitude, it is quite vivid that being mobile email friendly is good for your business. But how reach this goal?

Mobile purchase statistics
Source: Google Mobile Path to Purchase , November 2013

An Easy Way to Make Your Day

Generally, making your emails mobile friendly is not much different from preparing mobile websites. There are many similar aspects you must take into consideration. Focus on these tips:

Keep the correct size

Think about your email width and stay definitely under 600 pixels wide; we recommend 320 to 550 pixels. Keeping the right scale will prevent mobile users from resizing or scrolling left and right to view your message. It is essential to remember that people browsing the web with smartphones and tablets use their fingers instead of a keyboard or a mouse. When you want to put many elements in your emails, you must make them definitely bigger. And keep some space between links, since the receivers can accidentally tap the wrong one. Don’t forget to enlarge fonts, keep a body copy minimum of 14px and prominent headlines of 22px and more. Finally you must not forget that mobile users often hold their smartphone in one hand and use their thumb to navigate, therefore plan important buttons, images and links within easy reach.


Reserve the top for CTAs and important content

Yet, you need to get the receivers trust; your emails have to encourage the user to read it. If you want to put some graphics, think carefully what pictures you use. Do not overload the email. Of course it is important to catch the receivers’ attention, but, in the case of mobile users, minimalism is the key. Little information and less “flashy decorations” may have a better result, because such emails will run smoothly on lots of mobile devices. A tappable, eye-catching call-to-action button will be a great way of gaining receivers’ interest.

Consider various platforms

You must be sure that your emails are consistent with all types of devices and their operating systems. Test your emails on iOS and Android, because the majority of mobile devices is run on these two. However, you cannot forget about checking whether your emails work correctly with mail apps released by email service providers (such as Yahoo or Gmail).

We think these are the most important elements you need to focus on. Follow this few guidelines and wait for positive results!

Half Way Through

Now, after you know the basics of making your email marketing mobile friendly, you should think of preparing your adequate and well-planned dedicated mobile site, too!

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