Email Marketing: How to Get Seen and Be Read

For email marketing, which is more important – the subject line or the from line?

Statistically, it’s the from line. And, I agree.

We will scroll past, close, and even delete other emails (or even status updates) that get in the way of the people we’re interested in hearing from or about.

The “who” makes all the difference in whether someone sees immediate value and interest in an email or not.

You’re putting obstacles in your way if your “from” line in your email is from “[email protected]” or “[email protected].” Remember, we like to connect with people we know, like, and trust. We like to buy, too. But no one ever wants to be sold.

We decide whether we’ll read an email by seeing who sent the email.

If your email address and the name of your account reflects your name, you’ve taken the first step in being recognized and managing your first impression.

Most will look who the email is from then they move into the content and make a decision on whether to read on from what they read in the “from” line.

When I’m looking at my Inbox, I look first at the from information and then the subject. Even when I know who the email is from, the subject has to capture my attention.

Keep Them Short

As you craft the Subject Line of the email, review the length of it. Send it to yourself on a mobile phone to see what it looks like to the person receiving.

Nothing worse than trying to say “Contacting you for a nice association” and it cut off right after the “ss” in association.

The subject line is important and seeing how it visually looks to the end user even when the end of the message is truncated is a part of your initial first impression.

Effective subject lines are very important to determining whether an email is going to get opened now, later, or never. Spend a little time making sure that the subjects are interesting, thought provoking and attention grabbing and they look good and are readable on any device.