Email Marketing Future

Email marketing has been around for over 45 years and like digital music, which was invented in 1970 by James Russell, it has grown enormously in recent years. But what does the future hold for email marketing? We’ve put together some of our predictions…

Growth in email automation

In recent years there has been a huge increase in email automation. We don’t see this trend changing anytime soon. It is likely that more businesses will join the automation world and have created perfectly executed programs based on every aspect of their customer journeys. As the automation tools become increasingly more intuitive, we will see the barriers eroding and email automation becoming accessible to all businesses.

Interactive emails and eye tracking

The future wouldn’t be bright without some really exciting prospects. We think that interactive emails will be part of that future. Imagine a recipient opening an email and the content changing depending on what they are looking at. Utilizing your webcam, we think that eye tracking will be used to follow what you spend the most time looking at in an email, this will then affect the content of the email you are reading. Similarly, this data will be harnessed and used to improve the content that you receive, ending in more relevant communications.

Additionally, we will see emails that have interactive elements, for example, being able to complete a transaction from within an email, or browse products without having to go to a website. We think that emails will become more than just a one-way communication with the ability to interact with the content all from within the inbox.

Embedded video’s

It is only a matter of time before we see embedded videos in email. Currently, some of the major email clients, like Gmail and Yahoo do not support it. Instead of seeing a screenshot of the video and being redirected to a YouTube channel or your website, we think that videos will be able to be embedded directly into the email.

Brain implanted email?

Well, it wouldn’t be a future prediction without something more suited to a sci-fi movie, but it could happen. We are already in the age of wearable tech, how long before we all get an implant into our brains so we can access, emails, the internet, make calls etc. I suppose we will just have to wait and see…