It’s Holiday season – the time you immerse yourselves in fun, frolic and food. The festive spirit also inspires you to look your best from the rest, and women especially love to make their style statement.

And when it comes to making a fashion statement, MAC & L’Oréal Paris tops the list. As the two connoisseurs of the beauty industry battle it out, email marketers are watching it all. So who scores the maximum goals? Let’s find out with an Email Marketing Face Off!

1. Welcome Email


Soon after you sign up for MAC newsletter, you receive a welcome email in your busy inbox. The email entices the viewer’s attention with its very first eye-catching multi-colored lips image.
MAC welcomes all the new members by serving what’s new in the MAC world. An engaging approach to introduce new member to all the updates of brand. Thereafter, follows some links to expert artists’ videos and MAC culture.

A strategic approach to introduce the new subscriber to all the aspects of MAC brand. Lastly, it offers the subscriber a membership for prestigious members-only program. Well, the perks of signing for MAC newsletter starts from the very first welcome email. And, that shows how MAC follows the email marketing best practices.

Email Marketing Face Off Welcome Email

L’Oréal Paris

What can be more flattering for a woman than someone calling her “Hello, Beautiful!”? L’Oréal Paris clearly knows where to push the buttons. The brand welcomes the subscriber with a “Hello, Beautiful! Welcome to L’Oréal Paris” message and an opportunity to explore the website in order to know more about the brand & the way it functions.

Unlike MAC, it offers facility to try their signature look and access their beauty library- something, most women would love to enjoy within their welcome email. The brand ends the email with a promotional section cross-selling their hair-products line.

On the contrary, MAC has considered offering access to their Make-up program more important than promoting their products in the very first email.

Successful Email Marketing Campaign

2. Consultation Email


Even without using any colorful image, MAC has crafted an email that is direct to the point. The email starts with bold message “Don’t Wait” and is followed by plain text for the rest of the email.

Rather than providing a different CTA, complete navigation on how to get in touch with an expert is explained in the email itself. The fact that there is no product promotion at the end of welcome email or consultation email, proves that MAC never considers promoting products in its emails that are crafted for different purpose.

Mac Email Marketing Checklist

L’Oréal Paris

Unlike MAC, L’Oréal believes in an image heavy email along with heavy promotion of the brand products. A modular approach and individual CTA to access the different products. There is no complete navigation provided to learn about how to get connected with an expert. An additional functionality to access other facilities of the brand is provided at the very top through different category tabs.

Email Marketing Best Practices

3. Promotional Email


In this promotional email, MAC promotes its new summer collection with a welcoming message “Hey, Sailor!” Blue & white colored image portraying the cool summer collection and minimal text to give the email a distinct look.

Ended the email with direct CTA to access the newly introduced shades of lip pencils for the summer. Without any heavy promotion of other stuff, MAC promoted press-on tattoos with a single red line at the very bottom of the email.

Mac Successful Email Marketing Campaign

L’Oréal Paris

Again an image heavy modular email to bring forward the winter collection. Chic images and well-crafted text to support the individual products. L’Oréal highlighted the area of the models that promotes the specific product. For instance, the brand highlighted the eyes of the elegant model when it is smoky eye shadow they are talking about.

MAC considered promoting the collection with a single beautiful image. Whereas, L’Oréal preferred collection of images to highlight all the range of products.

Email Marketing Checklist

Winner: MAC

Both of these brands are having their own distinct approach of promoting the products & services as well as creating more engagement with the subscribers. But, MAC’s compelling marketing effort has set it at par from the rest. The brand successfully satisfied the email marketing checklist in order to deliver successful email marketing campaign. Without any extra efforts, the brand successfully delivers the desired message and that too to the point.

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