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Looking to grow your email marketing list? It’s no secret that people aren’t giving away their email addresses away as much as they used to. Companies are finding it harder and harder to gather emails, thus making it more of an obstacle to bring leads in. However, there are certain measures you can take to expand your email marketing list. Try taking these routes in order to bring in more customers.

1. Have Sign-Up Forms on Every Page of Your Site

It might sound like a lot, but giving leads the opportunity to sign up on every page helps both you and them. Perhaps they were offered to sign-up when they first arrived on your site, but they politely declined by clicking the X. Now, they’ve been on your website a little while, have explored different pages, and have since decided they’d like to sign-up. But, they can no longer find the sign-up button, and they simply forget about it. A lead has been lost. Don’t let this happen to you, and put sign-up forms on every page.

2. Display Your Privacy Policy

People want to make sure they can trust you, in every way imaginable. One way to do this is by having your privacy policy visible to potential leads. Will they read every word of it? Probably not, but most of the time when readers see this, it makes them feel as though they can trust you. Ultimately, they feel they can provide you with their email without having to worry about being hacked or spammed.

email marketing list, email, contacts

3. Have Sign-Up Capabilities on Social Media Platforms

People learn about new products and websites mainly through social media. Just by signing on Facebook, they can see ads and videos on their news feed, or posts made my people in their network. If you see something you like, surely you should be able to sign up for it without going to the main website. Companies should cater to this by providing sign-up capabilities on all social media platforms.

4. Have a Vibrant Landing Page

A landing page brings visitors to a page on your website you want them to of course, land on. This means it’s not necessarily a home page, but a page that has things catered to this specific user, based on how they got to your website in the first place. Therefore, your landing page should be filled with plenty of things that draw in your leads’ attention, complete with a box to put in their email. Perhaps it’s something they can download, only by putting in their email. Perhaps it’s an intriguing article, and in order for them to read the rest, they need to put in their email. Simple, easy, and reliable when it comes to making conversions.

This is a fantastic way to grow your email marketing list. By guest posting on relevant blogs that already have a large fan base, you can easily gather more leads. Your piece alone will definitely attract attention, but it’s the bio or backlinks at the end or integrated within the article, that will really get people to go to your site. If they clicked on the link, they already like you enough, and getting them to sign up won’t be too difficult (see #4).

email marketing list, email, contacts

6. Get Emails In Person

This one is something many people forget to do. A great way to get emails is simply by networking at events, offline. Introduce yourself to people that you think would be interested, ask for their emails, and send them one when you get home. You’ll be surprised how much you can grow your email marketing list this way.

7. Get Your Current Followers to Share

Another way to grow your email list is by getting your current customers to share. Make it easy for visitors to your site to share content, by putting share links to Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, whatever it is, right on the page. Once they share these kind of things within their network, it’s likely that others will like it and catch on. If you’re not sure if your subscribers are sharing, then try to provide incentives for people to spread the word.

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