Businesses in the US spent an estimated $2.67 billion on email marketing in 2017.

The reason that so many businesses are so willing to part with so much money is that the return on investment of email marketing is remarkable. With little investment, you can make serious returns.

But if you want to maximize those returns, you need to do your email marketing right.

So read on as we look at five tips to put your email marketing campaign on track.

1. Keep Building Your Email List

Any email campaign is only as good as your address list.

So make sure that your list of prospective emails is always growing. Make it easy to sign up on your website; put subscriptions forms in the places that users of your website are most likely to find them.

And try offering incentives, such as free content, to encourage people to sign up.

2. Write a Killer Subject

The most important part of your emails is the subject line.

If it’s dull, no one is going to open it, and all the work you’ve done on the content will have been for nothing. Your subject line needs to be enticing but it also needs to be original to catch their attention.

It should be something that your potential clients just can’t resist opening.

3. Use Personalization

There’s nothing more insulting than an email that is obviously intended for a generic audience.

Most marketing automation platforms such as MailChimp or Klaviyo will include the option of inserting the recipient’s name directly into the email. And that instantly makes them feel like you’ve taken time and effort to tailor your email just for them. All of which makes people far more likely to read on.

If you’re looking for an email campaign platform, you can read a comparison of Mailchimp vs Klaviyo right here.

4. Keep It Short and Sweet

If you’ve managed to keep the reader’s attention this far, don’t blow it.

Keep your email short and snappy; people don’t have time to spend five minutes reading your in-depth essay about why they should use your company. Get your point across quickly and simply; they will thank you for it.

And they’ll also be far more likely to read your follow-ups.

5. Make It Easy to Read

Another big turn off is an email that is just a wall of text.

The body of your email should look nice and clean with plenty of white space to make it easy to read. Small paragraphs or bullet points are ideal. And try to limit your use of images; some email providers may block them anyway.

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