Email marketing isn’t as simple as many outside the industry would believe – it is something of a science, with lots of different methods, techniques and tactics to learn. One of these is drip marketing, which can help marketers to nurture long-term leads, convert these leads into sales and get the most out of every resource available to them.

How does it work?

Email drip campaigns are designed to ‘drip’ relevant information to recipients at exactly the right time, depending on where they are in the sales process. Emails can be written and scheduled so that recipients receive the right information just at the moment when they most appreciate it – which can prompt a sale or at least an inquiry. It’s all about carefully managing and nurturing leads, keeping customers interested in the brand and in some ways, automating the sales process.

Types of drip campaigns

There are quite a few different types of email drip campaigns, each with different benefits. For example, you can run a re-engagement drip to usher existing customers back into the sales cycle or you can target customers who currently do business with your competitors. You can run promotional drips, training drips or educational drips, the latter providing the recipient with useful and relevant advice and information to help improve your brand’s credibility.

The one you choose depends on the goal you’ve set for the campaign, whether it’s to increase brand awareness or to convert a certain percentage of leads into click-throughs and sales.

Why email drip campaigns are so effective

If executed correctly, an intuitive email marketing drip campaign can have a fantastic range of benefits, including the following:

Creating a continuous supply of leads. One goal of drip marketing is to create and nurture leads at every stage of the sales cycle – this is essential for the continuing health and growth of your business

Adding value to customers. Today’s internet-savvy customers can recognize a desperate and poorly conceived sales campaign when they see one, but a drip campaign provides recipients with information and content that can actually be useful and interesting to them. This can boost engagement and response, as well as improving your brand’s reputation.

Save time and resources. The beauty of drip marketing is that it can be automated and planned out months in advance using tools, apps and platforms specially designed for the purpose, freeing up lots of valuable time and resources. Using automated processes – for example, a recipient playing a video triggers a follow-up email on a similar and relevant topic – there’s no need to remember where every single lead is in the sales process. You can create more leads and spend less time closing them.

Making your brand more relevant. If your timing is right and your campaign is properly planned, you can provide your customers with relevant, useful, topical and even entertaining content at just the right moment for it to have maximum impact.