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The next annual holiday is almost upon us, Valentine’s Day! Now would be a good time to start thinking about your Valentine’s Day email campaign to make sure you’re happy with the overall design. You don’t want to be leaving it until the last minute.

Valentine’s Day falls on Tuesday 14th February, so it would be a good idea to start planning your campaign now. You may want to tease your subscribers with offers leading up to the event and schedule some last minute deals to get a spike in interest. If you want to improve engagement over the Valentine’s Day period you may want to keep in mind the following tips.

Selling Products

Does your business sell products suitable Valentine’s Day? On average men tend to spend £40 on their partner, whereas women tend to spend £24 (Evolution Money). Bear this in mind if segmenting your customers by gender to showcase different products.

People like to see images of the products they are purchasing with a simple description and how much it’s going to cost them. You don’t need to overcomplicate the design. A good example of a simple Valentine’s Day email is below from The Jewel Hut. The main focus of the email is on the products, which are laid out nicely with a clean design.

Jewel Hut Valentines Day Email Example | Emailcenter

Places To Go

If your business makes for a good place to go for Valentine’s Day e.g. a restaurant or the theatre, then get your emails out to fulfil bookings. Remind subscribers that you are open and encourage them to experience something at your venue that they wouldn’t get anywhere else.

Offer a voucher, discount or special gift and make that the highlight of your email. Make sure you stand out as there will be quite a bit of competition. As you can see in the image below, Zizzi have offered a good deal as a hook to get diners.

Zizzi Valentines Day Email Example | Emailcenter

Help For The Day

A lot of effort goes into planning for Valentine’s Day, just as much as buying the gifts and going out. Your company may be good for decorations, recipes or even some pampering for the day.

Take the example below from Beauty Withinn. This hair and beauty salon recognises that many people want to look their best on Valentine’s Day, so have offered their services to those who want to prepare for the day or buy a gift for a loved one, which is a nice push for sales.

Beauty WithInn Valentines Day Email Example | Emailcenter

Don’t Fit in With The Stereotype?

Don’t fear, there’s still something you can do for Valentine’s Day. You can theme your products even if they aren’t a stereotypical gift. Not everyone likes jewellery and chocolate.

You could do something as simple as wishing your subscribers a Happy Valentine’s Day just to keep in touch. This is particularly good for non-profit organisations as this takes a ‘don’t forget about us’ approach.

Segment Your Email List

Nothing will make you stand out in the inbox more than a personalised message. Consider splitting your audience into segments, using the below as an example.

Gender – Different offers for your male and female audience will improve your sales dramatically as they will be buying for their partners.

Age – Younger adults may be more interested in events where the can meet people, whereas the older generations may be looking to treat their loved ones.

Interests – Use past purchase data and information from your subscribers preference centre to push offers they’re likely to be interested in.

Engagement – Send a series of Valentine’s Day emails to your active subscribers, but for your inactive subscribers try a reengagement email with a Valentine’s Day hook. Try different messaging and call to actions to encourage these subscribers to engage.

As an example, Argos have clearly thought about their different types of customers and covered all bases in their email shown below.

Argos Valentines Day Email Example | Emailcenter

Create a LOVE-LY Design

By now I’m sure you may have seen a few different emails land in your inbox and probably been able to spot the trend that links them to being Valentine’s Day specific.

  • Colour palettes tend to have a spectrum flavour between pink to purple
  • Hearts, cupids and flowers are common imagery points
  • Symbols inserted into subject lines make it obvious the email is Valentine’s related
  • Content contains minimal text and call to actions are clear
  • Campaigns are short and to the point, highlighting key messages

Don’t overdo it, stay on brand and be clear with your message. Don’t forget to make your email mobile responsive, but if you’re using the email builder in Maxemail then your emails will be automatically optimised for mobile viewing.

Harvester Valentines Days Email Example | Emailcenter

For The Singles Out There

Not everyone will have a special someone on Valentine’s Day, but that doesn’t mean they should be forgotten. When creating your email campaigns, think about the offers that may actually still appeal to the singletons out there. They may still click through for themselves.

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