free website builderInternet marketing can be a powerful tool for your business, and one of the strongest methods out there is the email campaign. If you use email properly, it can be a highly effective weapon in your arsenal. However, if you don’t do it right, you’ll end up in every spam filter in the Western Hemisphere. Use the information in this article to get your email campaign off to a successful start.

You need a subject line that people will read. You have a maximum of seven words, and you want it to read like a billboard. The people in your niche should (ideally) see your email and instantly want to click on it, to see what you have to say. That’s how selling works; if your subject line is a winner, then people will read your email. That’s the key, of course — if they don’t read your message, then they can never get to your link.

Don’t get yourself caught in a spam filter. There are several things you can do that will cause this: you can repeat words over and over again, you can ignore requests to unsubscribe from your earlier email blasts (which will lead people to put your message in their spam filters, which means that the email servers will automatically drag your address down into spam filters for their other users), and you can send emails too often. You want to remain in the mind of the people in your niche, but you don’t want to be the one whose emails that people see and instantly delete. If you can stay out of spam filters, then you will do much better.

Categorize the prospects in your database by their interest, so that you can target your messages to the particular sectors of your niche. This will keep people from receiving email messages that are not applicable to them; it only takes one off-target email to alienate a lot of your prospects, so you need to ensure that this does not happen to your messages. Stay focused and on message by categorizing your emails.

If you’re not sure how things are working out for your messages, try an A/B sampling for your next blast. This means that you write two different versions of the same email, and send the A message to that half of your niche, and the B message to the other half of the niche (or the smaller relevant subsection). The one that receives the better outcomes is more suited to your niche, so structure future messages in that same way.

HTML emails can slow down web browsers and generally aggravate your readership. Try text emails so you can get the content out in front of your prospects as soon as possible, so that they can click the links to go to your landing page.

Put your email messages together with these concepts in mind, and your message will get across sooner. You will be surprised at the success of your campaigns when you build them correctly.