email marketing, email sign-offs, sign-offs

Dear Reader,

Believe it or not, your email sign-offs are just as important as the greeting and everything in between. A good sign-off seems something so casual…so arbitrary. After all, why would it matter?

Well, think of it this way. When you go to say goodbye to someone that you’ve recently met, do you say “goodbye,” give a handshake or a hug? Depending on how you say goodbye, it could really give the other person mixed messages. And, maybe that’s not a message you wanted to give.

The same goes for your email sign-off. Though email marketing allows you to reach your customers quicker, you should take the time to personalize everything, right down to the very last word.

Here are some creative email sign-off ideas that won’t be too overbearing or too underwhelming.

email marketing, email sign-offs, sign-offs

“Thanks for this chance to talk to a fellow (makeup-lover, outdoor enthusiast, baseball fanatic)”

When you have common interests as your customers, or rather, when they see common interests they have with you, they’re going to be more drawn. Whatever your email is about, whether it’s a promotion you have coming up or you’re sending out some interesting facts about your company, find a way to relate to your customer. By using this sign-off, you’re basically saying, “Hey, we both like these things, so let’s get together (in our emails and purchases) and talk about it more often!”

“Au-Revoir/Sending high-fives all around/L’chaim”

Language is a powerful tool when writing your email sign-offs, especially when you can get creative with it. We’re not saying you have to speak another language, but knowing a popular phrase in another language or slang in your own can really make a difference. Whether your company is selling tours to Spain or cyber security software, there’s a “language” both you and your customer speak. Use it when you say goodbye in your emails.

“Let us know if we can help with your (project)”

Customers like a company that wants to help them. As a matter of fact, people like anyone who can help them. It’s human nature. When you sign-off your email, reiterate the fact that you’re there to help answer any questions or concerns your customer has, in addition to offering your services. It’s a sweet little reminder at the end that you’re there to help your customer as much as they help you.

“Happy (name a relevant or strange holiday)”

Adding some humor and/or friendliness in your sign-off will leave your reader with a smile. And, as well know, smiles lead to profits (at least eventually, they do). Saying “Happy Thanksgiving,” “Have a lovely holiday,” or even “Happy bring-your-dog-to-work-day” will intrigue your readers and have them associate kindness and a good laugh with your company.

“Hope to see you at (this week’s/this month’s/this year’s [event])”

email marketing, email sign-offs, sign-offsIs your company sponsoring an event, or is there a big event in your industry that your customers will most likely be attending? Then you should mention this in your sign-off. This not only puts you and your customers at the same level, but it also shows that you’re an actual human on the other side of the computer screen. If you know you and your reader will both be at the event, you can also say something like, “Make sure to drop by and say “hello” at (the event!)”

Anyway, request a demo with The Mission Suite to learn more about how we can help your company with email sign-offs and much more.