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B2B cold emailing campaigns can be wonderful assets to your marketing strategy, and if done successfully, they can create solid partnerships and revenue for your organization. There are a ton of things you can do to make the emails successful, such as follow these tips we wrote about a few months ago. However, knowing when and how to launch a cold email campaign is vital to success.

The first step is proper technology. You’ll want to set up a new email address and use a separate domain for outreach. This is critical, because if you try to use your same domain and address, your sender score will be at risk and could be heavily impacted.


The next step is finding your prospects. Once you have your buyer personas developed, you will know your ideal customer profile, and this will help shape what criteria you search for and how you search for it. If your target customer relies heavily on LinkedIn for trusted information, that is a good place to find prospects. There are plenty of tools out there that will help you uncover who your prospects are and how you can find them. It will take a bit of time and effort to build out your contact list organically, but it will be worth it in the long run if you do it right! Remember, purchasing a list is a bad practice and a great way to degrade your brand’s reputation.

The next step is research, and this is imperative for knowing when to launch a campaign. First, is something happening at your prospect’s organization that makes it a good time to reach out? Maybe they are going through a food recall due to a certain ingredient in their manufacturing supply chain, and your company manufactures that ingredient. This would be the perfect time to start your email drip and let them know you can provide that item and help them out in a time of crisis. On the other hand, keep in mind what’s happening at your own organization. If you’re rolling out a new product line or you’ve been in the news for recognition, use this to your advantage. Incorporate things like this into your drip campaign and you’re strengthening your brand with repetition. Your prospects may have recently seen your brand in the news, so this is an optimal time to hear from you.

The objective of a cold email campaign is to find your ideal customer and nurture them to the point of wanting to learn more about your product or service. To reiterate, the question of “when” is more of a “why”: Why are you wanting to launch a campaign? And do you have a solid strategy? As long as you have done your research and you are armed with the knowledge you need, your cold email campaign can be successful, regardless of when you are launching it!