How To Boost Your Email Click-Through Rates By 47%25

Depending on who you read, you can get anywhere from a 32% increase to a 47% boost in email click-through rates—just by sending your emails from a person instead of your company. That one tiny tweak to your emails can be the difference between $10M in sales this year and $14.7M. Here’s why…and how to do it.

The Power of Personalized Emails

Your personalized marketing emails still come across as standard marketing emails. Because so many B2B companies are using automation, your leads are used to seeing some personalization in marketing emails—stuff like their names in the subject line.

And that’s fine, at certain points along the buyer’s journey—but later into the process your emails should start to feel like they were sent from a specific person in your company who’s offering some help on your lead’s specific issue.

Effective personalization uses your name too—not just your lead’s name.

Humanize Your Emails

Once your leads are sales-qualified and assigned to a HubSpot Owner, it’s time to start sending automated emails from an actual human—your salesperson—instead of from the marketing department. You want to do this in the later stages of the sales funnel, because it’s at this point that your prospects are becoming invested in you. Now they’re looking for a personal touch, and they’re deciding whether to buy based on how well you’re treating them—at least, in part.

Instead of sending emails from a generic email address, the “From” name and address changes to the owner’s name and email address, and their personal signature line is added to the email.

This change alone is enough for you to see an increase in the open and click-through rates. Simply because they see that Bob Smith sent them an email, and they know that Bob has been handling their issue for them, that will increase your email ROI. Because at this point they know that they’re not getting prompted to attend a webinar or download a checklist—the email is addressing the specific issue that they’re highly interested in.

How to Send an Automated Email from an Actual Salesperson

These personalized emails from Bob should include two things:

  • Bob’s name and email address in the “From” line
  • Bob’s signature line

When you make Bob a HubSpot Owner for a lead, his name and email address are automatically added to every email sent to that lead—workflow emails, eblasts, and one-off emails—as long as the Owner personalization token is used. If his signature line has also been added to HubSpot, it will appear in the email as well.

Don’t know how to add a signature line to HubSpot? Check out our helpful how-to video!

A Word About Your Words

By the way, these emails from your salespeople should feel very personal, like they’re one-to-one communications. You want to nurture your relationship with the prospect and answer their specific questions. It’s important to build your salesperson’s thought leadership, so that when the prospect is making that buying decision, they feel comfortable. You want to build trust with a person, not just a company.