As the curtains are all set to fall for the month of October, marketers are all geared up to craft ‘amazingly creative’ emails that will set them at par from the rest this holiday season.

No doubt, the email sending frequency will be increasing by leaps and bounds. But, during those times, marketers tend to forget that email without any uniqueness won’t make its place in subscriber’s mind & heart.

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday around the corner, Monks at the Monastery have mustered some of best email marketing campaigns that have stood out.

Black Friday Email Campaigns

1. Quirky

• Rather than using multiple combination of colors, Quirky went with green color in flat design for their Black Friday email.
• Creative GIF to display sale on all the different assortment of items.
• No extra information or images, but direct message with CTA to guide the shoppers (without distraction)

quirky black friday email campaign

2. Forever 21

Free Shipping No Minimum – makes for a compelling subject line for subscribers to open the email.
• Great use of interactivity in email with scratch effect – instilling a sense of curiosity as to ‘what’s the discount for me’.
• Limited Offer restricted to just one day – creating a sense of urgency for sale.

Forever 21 Black Friday email template

3. Everlane

• An entirely ‘text-inspired’ design email.
• Flat black background with just text in the whole email template. Higher chances of getting it landed in every inbox !
• Unique concept that makes it stand out from the rest of the crowd.
• By “Let’s get it done together” statement, the brand gives the subscriber a feeling of being a part of community that is working for giving back to the society.

everlane black friday email campaign

Cyber Monday

1. Kate Spade

• Minimal image and text usage. Email intended just to convey the desired message for the specific day.
• No extra effects. Just a bigger size fonts to declare 30% OFF sale on cyber Monday.
• A great example of minimalistic email design.

Kate Spade Cyber Monday email template

2. Banana Republic

• The email is conceptualized around the binary number theme.
• With people expecting funky emails on such days, Banana Republic opted for something out-of-the-box.
• Strategic ‘sale’ points in the email is highlighted to facilitate conversion.
• Free shipping and free returns at the end of email helps serve as cherry on the cake.

Banana republic cyber monday marketing

3. Aldo

• Striking red fonts to highlight the Cyber Monday sale.
• Individual CTA to shop on the sale and items that are under clearance category.
• Red, White, and Black color to speak for the discounted offers offered by the brand.

quirky black friday email campaign

Wrap Up:

Bear in mind, this holidays are golden opportunities to try something new with your ordinary email marketing campaigns. If not you, someone else is already trying different campaigns to succeed in their Black Friday- Cyber Monday email campaigns.

So, grab your cup of coffee and fasten your seat to get embarked with Black Friday-Cyber Monday email campaign designing. I’m sure the above-mentioned email templates will inspire you.