If you’re looking to send marketing emails that actually get read, there’s really nothing tricky about it; it’s simply a matter of providing your readers with a reason to open your message and see what you have to say. Of course, one tried and true method is to include discounts and coupons in every marketing message you send. While this is no doubt an effective strategy, there is a potential downside—namely, your company may not be able to afford big discounts on a regular basis.

Fortunately, there are other ways to make marketing emails valuable. In fact, there’s a growing trend of sending marketing emails with “sticky” editorial content—a trend that’s summarized in a recent Marketing Land article. “Today’s consumers (B2C and B2B) value content that goes beyond offers, promotions and product information,” the article says. “They crave useful information that speaks to the intersection of their lifestyle and brand values.”

The tough part is coming up with editorial content that truly does enrich the life of your reader—content that offers something really valuable. We’re here to help. Here are just a few ideas for your email marketing content, via the content creation pros at Grammar Chic, Inc.

Content Ideas for Your Email Marketing Campaign

  1. Product guides. Showcase your products in special, curated collections—like a holiday gift guide. Example: Do you have a few products that are tailor-made for moms? Get them lined up to promote in a pre-Mother’s Day email.
  2. How-to guides. Rather than showcasing your products, you could also showcase your expertise. Example: Do you own a plumbing company? Put together a quick, bullet-point guide to unclogging a sink, or troubleshooting a garbage disposal. Those are the kinds of everyday challenges that resonate with people—and it may get them clicking on your email message.
  3. News round-ups. Within some industries, it makes sense to send out periodic collections of relevant news headlines. Example: One of our clients, a financial advisor, sends monthly updates on the stock markets, tax laws, etc.
  4. Recipes. Again, this isn’t necessarily for everyone—but if you sell food, condiments, alcohol, or even cooking ware, you can show how your items work in action, providing your readers with seasonally appropriate recipes and meal ideas!
  5. Outfits. An idea for clothing, jewelry, or accessory stores: Put together “outfit of the day” (or week, or month) emails, providing your readers with some ideas of how they can mix and match your various products.
  6. FAQs. Whether you’re launching a new product or simply responding to customer feedback, pausing to acknowledge common questions is always a good way to engage readers.
  7. Reviews. Offer product reviews, from your expert perspective. Example: If you own a used car dealership, you can write quick reviews of your favorite auto cleaning wipes, floor mats, or other accessories.
  8. Tips and tricks. Finally, you might consider sending our quick, weekly tips and tricks—100 words or so, just offering your readers a speedy, practical piece of advice, from your expert perspective.

Write Emails That Get Read

Good content is the first step toward effective email marketing—though there are other considerations to make, too. Compelling subject lines and carefully targeted email lists also help.