ribkhan / Pixabay

The burgeoning reality of video proliferation means that knowing how to deliver to an audience is more critical than ever. Innovations like video content management systems have revolutionized the way we create and distribute, but many businesses still rely on email for their video outreach initiatives. So how do we adhere to best practices when delivering embedded video in an email to a prospective customer?

The first consideration should be the first thing they see: the subject line. Approach your subject line with a true sense of purpose, be deliberate and rope them in. This doesn’t mean sending them the equivalent of clickbait; instead, reel your reader in with your words and give them a reason to open your email and play your video.

Include the term ‘video’ in the subject line; it’s been shown to dramatically increase the volume of click-thru in video-embedded email. A simple trick is to just include ‘[VIDEO]’ at the beginning of the subject line and follow up with your actual title.

If you’re operating on a referral, don’t hesitate to include their name in the subject; it’s a guaranteed attention-grabber. Saying that a third party thought the reader would be interested in this video is the perfect way to get their view.

The embedded video itself will be the focal point of the email, but don’t forget the words! Start with a short intro that tells a little about the video, emphasizing the length to set expectations. Following the video, include a relevant summary. To finish out, always follow the best practice of an actionable next step. This can be a link to make a purchase or scheduling a future meeting.

Stick with best practices: establish interest in your video, delight and inform them with the content, summarize and follow-up. Keep these tips in mind for your next round of email outreach!