The Benefits of an Advanced Email Builder | Emailcenter

Nowadays the most intuitive email marketing platforms include an email builder, providing marketers with all the tools needed to easily design professional email campaigns themselves. Many businesses outsource the design of their emails, but what if you wanted to manage every aspect of your email marketing internally?

An advanced email marketing platform with integrated drag-&-drop email builder will enable you to do just that. Here’s a list of reasons why you should consider using the email builder provided to create your campaigns.

Take Control by Bringing the Design Element in House

The software behind most email builders allow you to design mobile-responsive emails using drag and drop functionality, meaning you don’t need any HTML knowledge or design experience. Email builders are designed to make it easy for marketers to structure, stylise and add content to their campaigns. The more advanced email builders will let you pull in snippets of content, personalisation fields and even dynamic content.

Simplify the Process

Going back and forth with an external agency can become quite tiresome, and frustrating if they don’t quite understand your requirements. Amended versions can sometimes take days to come back to you, dragging out the email building process and heightening stress levels as the deadline approaches. Create emails internally using an email builder, make as many changes as you need to and reduce the amount of time and people involved in the process.

Ensure Brand Consistency

You can create a library of branded templates using an email builder, which can be used for different areas of your business, subscriber groups and campaigns. By also taking control of the content you can build campaigns that conform to brand guidelines, creating consistency across your email marketing and other channels.

Build for Mobile

The more advanced email builders optimise your emails for mobile automatically, which is necessary if you want to cater for those subscribers reading your emails on the go. Platforms like Maxemail also give you the opportunity to adjust your mobile version, should you want to hide specific columns, images and text from mobile viewing.

Accurate Tracking

Email builders will automatically apply tracking to your email so you can report on opens, clicks, conversions and more within the platform itself. This will save you a lot of time if you’re used to applying tracking pixels to individual links yourself, and prevent you from forgetting.

Save Time

Do you often think that you could save time and improve productivity by pulling emails together yourself? Think about the amount of time spent creating a brief, waiting for the email to be created, submitting amends and uploading the final design.

Reduce Costs

For some marketers, outsourcing the design of their email marketing campaigns does save them time, especially if they’re away from their desks and constantly on the go. However, if you can use your time more effectively then you could save a lot of money on external resources, presenting opportunity for spend in other areas.