The holidays are right around the corner. It’s the best time for marketers and customers to indulge in the festive spirit (in their own way). Holidays are apparently the best time to splurge on online shopping, with marketers putting their best foot forward to attract potential customers by tempting them with attractive deals and Offers.

But, it’s a pain point for all marketers when they do their best to get a customer onto a site; with only for them to put items in the cart and then abandon it. Cart abandonment is a raging issue, more so during holidays. With numerous studies reporting the average cart abandonment rate to be over 60% across all ecommerce websites, it’s getting intensely competitive in the marketing world.

Monks have some divine tips and strategies that you can follow to ease cart abandonment and improve conversions through email marketing – specifically abandoned cart emails. Though shoppers abandon carts due to various reasons, the trending ones are listed here:

  • No express/free shipping.
  • Extra costs too high (shipping, tax, fees).
  • Found a better discount price on another site.
  • Having to create a new account for checkout.
  • Payment security issues.
  • Long/complicated checkout process.

Though, the best way to bring back and attract new potential customers is through email. With the holiday season arriving customers would be expecting emails loaded with offers from brands they have subscribed for.


Knowing the cause for cart abandonment can really help you bring those abandoned carts back on track towards a successful conversion. Here are a few interesting abandoned cart email best practices:

Create Urgency with Countdown in Email

Use countdowns in your emails to give a sense of urgency along with attracting the customer to your sale. Using countdowns can really push a customer to view the deal. Make sure to have an irresistible countdown deal for the customer.

Abandoned Cart Email_Farfetch

Reconnect with Personalization in Emails

Personalized emails have higher open and click rates compared to other promotional emails. So use personalization to the optimum.

Email Marketing Strategy_yourcompany

Go Responsive – Target Holiday Travelers

Prioritize mobile compatibility for your emails as a huge number of people would want to browse and buy holiday presents on the go. With a massive number of people traveling during the holidays, having a mobile-friendly email template can really increase interaction and boost sales.

Email Marketing Strategy

Stand Out With A Bling

Make sure to make your business stand out through your cart abandonment emails. Because for your brand this is nonetheless chance to a second life you get to woo and rejuvenate customer loyalty. Reach out with attractive, competitive deals that customer can’t resist or ignore.

Email Marketing Strategy_Cafe

Abandoned Cart Email_Philosophy


The holiday season is the best time to grab the attention of the customer. With major competition between brands taking place during this time, it’s extremely crucial to make a splendid cart revival campaign that can boost your ROI and increases sales. Cart abandonment automation emails is a vast channel that’s bubbling with conversion opportunities. Make sure to understand where your strength and weakness lies and work out a strategy that can help you heighten sales, increase ROI and invariably boost conversions.