Networking is an invaluable way to gain new opportunities for your business. But most people don’t have the time to attend every industry event and conference in their field. That’s why online networking events like Twitter chats are perfect for busy marketers.

What’s a Twitter chat?

A Twitter chat is a moderated online discussion focused around a particular topic. Typically, the moderator asks a series of questions and participants chime in using a pre-determined hashtag to join the conversation. Twitter chats are usually recurring events, so they tend to happen weekly or monthly at a set time.

If you’re new to the idea of Twitter chats, the whole idea might sound a little hard to follow. Tools like Tweet Chat make Twitter chats easier to join, filtering out all Tweets except those related to your chat. Basically, it turns your Twitter chat into a chatroom.

What are the benefits of Twitter chats for email marketers?

Twitter chats are an easy way to build your knowledge around a particular topic, connect with influencers and brush up on your social media skills in general. Most importantly, it gets you involved in your community. You can meet like-minded folks in your industry and learn from each other. There’s an excellent chance you’ll encounter new business opportunities through your connections too.

That’s why email marketers should take advantage of Twitter chats. Not only is it an opportunity to hone your marketing skills, you might just land an incredible opportunity that you wouldn’t find elsewhere.

Ready to dive into a few Twitter chats and see for yourself? These seven Twitter chats are dedicated to some aspect of marketing and can help you elevate your email strategy.

#EmailChat by AWeber

First thing’s first: #EmailChat is the only Twitter chat dedicated to email marketing. Hosted by AWeber, they have a new guest host each week (Movable Ink participated a few weeks back!) While their focus is email, this chat has covered everything from subject line tips to conversion rate optimization to integrating your social and email strategies.

Mark your calendar: #EmailChat happens every other Thursday at noon ET. You can catch the next #EmailChat today (9/1) at noon.


#ContentWritingChat is hosted by copywriting agency, ExpressWriters and covers everything content marketing. As you know, high-quality content is essential for any email strategy. This Twitter chat will teach you how to write engaging copy, using data to create great content, how to measure your success and a lot more.

Mark your calendar: #ContentWritingChat happens every Tuesday at 11AM ET.


#SEMrushchat by SEMrush will keep you ahead of the latest and greatest digital marketing trends, which is essential to innovating in the inbox. In this chat, you’ll discover everything from up-to-the-minute social media trends and updates to tips for creating shareable content.

Mark your calendar: #SEMrushchat is every Wednesday at 11AM ET.

#BufferChat by Buffer

Buffer is a social media sharing tool, but they cover a wide array of digital marketing topics on during #BufferChat – everything from teamwork to developing on-point social copy. This Twitter chat is enormously popular both in the US and abroad, so you’re bound to bump into more than a few influencers. And if you can’t make the chat, check out the Buffer Slack Channel.

Mark your calendar: #BufferChat is held every Wednesday at noon ET and 4PM AEST (for the Aussies and Ozzies out there).

#BrandChat by Know, Like and Ignite

Need help building or refining your brand? Don’t miss #BrandChat. Hosted by branding specialist Maria Elena Duron, #BrandChat is more than a Twitter chat – it’s strong (and growing!) community of marketing and business professionals who have dubbed themselves “Bandidos.”

Mark your calendar: Catch #BrandChat Wednesdays at 11AM ET.

#ContentChat by Erika Heald

A solid content strategy means everything for the success of your emails, and participating in #ContentChat can help guide your strategy in the right direction. Hosted by content marketing consultant Erika Heald, join #ContentChat to stay up-to-date with all content marketing best practices.

Mark your calendar: #ContentChat happens on Mondays at 3PM ET.

#TwitterSmarter by Madalyn Skylar

Last but not least is #TwitterSmarter with host Madalyn Skylar. If you’re looking to get a better grip on your social media presence or you want to integrate social with your other marketing channels, check out #TwitterSmarter.

Mark your calendar: #TwitterSmarter happens at 1PM ET.

Ready to get social?

Grab a notebook, tune into one of these Twitter chats and get ready to learn. No worries if you’re shy – you don’t have to participate right away. Check out what others have to say first to get a feel for the Twitter chat, then join the conversation when you’re comfortable. Don’t forget to like, retweet and respond to your fellow Twitter-chatters who have especially good advice.

Happy Twitter chatting!