If you are here, reading this article it is good to assume that your cold emails are not getting the desired results. So you have to amp up your game and the only way to do is, is by eliminating the mistakes that you are making.

But first, let’s look into the seven common issues which are causing the reach of your cold emails to fall short.

1 Keeping Secrets While Writing Your Cold Emails

It is important for you to note that the influencers you are sending cold emails to, read quite a few of these in a day. Thus they are very good at sporting out who is speaking the truth and how is pulling the truth a bit too much.

But how do you come across as a liar?

By using opening lines like “I am a big fan of your blog”. If you are, then you should be a part of the newsletter. Of course, just by saying that you are a big fan, will not make you one.

In other words, you have to prove your point. The reader must have some valid evidence to see that you mean what you say.

2 Your Research Needs More Research

If you do not know the name of the person you are emailing, you have not done your homework properly. So the first thing you need to do is find out the name of the person you would be addressing.

This is important because your cold email will go unaddressed if it is not directed to the right person. For instance, it would be a bad idea to send a cold mail to the sales head if you want an email from the CEO.

At a deeper level, You can even research for their social media interests and use it to entice your email recipient. For instance, Yesware leveraged his prospect’s interest in Beyonce to book a meeting.

Cold Emails Not Getting Response

Cold Emails Not Getting Response

And they got it fixed 🙂

Cold Email Follow up Email Template

Cold Email Follow up Email Template

3 Your Cold Email Is Missing Introduction

Though this is important in all emails, writing a proper introduction in your cold emails is crucial. This is because this is the first line they will read on the preview.

It is also important to borne in mind that most people are busy these days. They will not even bother to open the email if the introduction seems boring.

In order to get a good response rate, write the email in such a way so that people understand how you will be helping them. In that light, the first email must always be about your prospects and not yourself.

4 Avoid Inappropriate Subject Lines

This is again something that applies to all emails and especially applies to cold emails. It is important to use a proper subject line to draw the attention of your business prospects. If it works properly, you are sure to get a proper response and then develop your relationship with the client.

Your subject line should be very direct and to the point. Ideally, it should tell the reader what exactly he/she will find useful in the email and how it can aid them to develop their work. Do not try to sound all that mysterious on the subject line. This might lead your email directly to the spam folder.

Ideally, your subject line should not have more than 7 words . Keep it simple by stating why you are connecting with the person in the first place.

Don’t forget the personalization while writing a good email subject line. You will wonder what impact a personalized subject line would create to your overall cold email campaign. Informz ran an email subject line personalization test and they got 63% increased opens in their emails while there were 73% lift in CTR.

Why Your Cold Emails Are Not Getting Response

Why Your Cold Emails Are Not Getting Response

5 Your Emails Are Too Long and Confusing

Think about it, do you like to read yard long emails yourself? The answer, in all probability, is no. So what makes you think that others will like to read it?

People tend to dislike reading long emails thus you have to keep your emails short and crisp, say four sentences or less than that.

Also for starters do not add the entire menu of benefits you are going to offer. Just add the top two or three features so that your clients don’t get bored.

If you have not received a proper reply to the cold emails you have sent earlier maybe they were too overwhelming for your clients. In that light keep the necessary information and trim the rest away.

6 Your Emails Lacks Personal Touch

Here is a rule of thumb, your emails should have a personal tone if you wish to draw the attention of the clients and readers. But how to sound personal?

Of course, you don’t know them personally so asking how were their beer on the weekend is not a good idea!

You can, however, add a personal touch by sharing some interesting news piece pertinent to their industry or you can state something unique about their company to show that you understand their business model.

People like being valued and if you step out of your template usage you can make a difference. Do your research about the company and state your findings smartly in the second paragraph.

No matter what you do remember to keep it smart and crisp.

7 Emails Lacking Visuals

Though you might already know it, it’s important to harp on the fact that visuals are a game-changer.

In the world of content, marketing visuals have become very popular and is being used rampantly in blogs, social media posts and also in emails. Gifs are the most popular form of using visuals in emails. Using Gifs in emails are most popular among the eCommerce brands like ModCloth, shoeMint, Nike and many others.

While for B2B or SaaS businesses, the infographics are must go visual with an email body. Creating an infographic about the milestones achieved by the business or a case-study carried out by some of their researchers are some good examples of adding a visual touch to boring email bodies.

Adding pictures to your content makes the content more tangible. In other words, the readers can actually “see” what is being talked about.

They can see how the products will affect their business. This works great if you want to add statistics to your email. While these can be very boring to read in pure black and white texts, once made a part of infographics they become interesting.

With the use of these seven means, you can turn your cold emails into hot business deals. Give it a try!

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