When it comes to keeping up with email marketing trends, defining the ideal email strategy and increasing click through rates, you need access to the best resources to achieve the results you want. Following are 7 invaluable email marketing resources all marketers need to bookmark.

1. Hubspot
By now you’ve probably run across blog posts and guides offered by Hubspot online, a site that provides a wealth of useful information covering all areas of marketing. The site has an entire subset in their blog that is dedicated to email marketing, covering topics like avoiding spam filters, beautiful examples of email designs, newsletters, some of the best email marketing examples you’ve ever seen, etc.

2. Constant Contact
This service offers a great deal of online marketing guides and “how-to” advice that can help you overcome your email marketing challenges. Whether you’re interested in improving your email marketing results, or just looking for advice regarding how to help grow your business, you’ll probably find great information on their blog. Examples of resources include posts that cover growing your email list, social media mistakes, how to use high quality images to bring your email campaign to life, etc.

3. iContact
You’ll find several best practice guides on the iContact blog, along with specialized advice and tips on creative email techniques, engagement, calculating ROI and more. The information is delivered via content, videos and webinars.

4. Kiss Metrics
This site specializes in a diverse variety topics including email marketing, testing and analytics. You’ll find invaluable guides that include beginner’s guides to successful email marketing and more. Marketers can also perform research for their own articles and select informative statistics to use for their campaign proposals.

5. Litmus
This service provides a great way for email marketers to see how their emails will appear in 30 unique email clients. The site’s features also provide a trendy way to make sure your emails are responsive/mobile-ready. Litmus also offers sophisticated tracking and spam-filter testing.

6. HTML Inspiration Gallery
This site provides the latest tricks and tips regarding how to design, code and carry out your email marketing. In the HTML Inspiration gallery, you’ll also find a collection of impressive email and newsletter design inspirations.

7. Campaign Monitor
This site is a goldmine for email marketers. Campaign Monitor offers a free email template builder that makes it easy to build mobile friendly templates, meaning that they’ll display well on desktop, tablet and smart phone devices. All of the templates have also been fully tested in all email options including outlook and Gmail.

If done right, your email campaigns will be a highly effective addition to your other marketing efforts so take creating them seriously. That said, at one point or another, everyone needs inspiration in order to perform our jobs better. With the right resources, inspiration, effort and follow through, your email campaigns have the potential of building relationships with your potential clients and make your company stand out from its competitors. That’s what the right resources and inspiration can do for you.

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