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Even if your email marketing game is on point, there’s always more you could be doing. Companies use email as an avenue to promote a product, establish a relationship with leads and customers, and support overall productivity. While having good email marketing tactics can do a lot of positive things for a company, not having them can lead to the opposite result. Therefore, it’s important to always pay attention to new email marketing tricks that can help you.

These hacks might be unusual, but they work.

1. Resend Unopened Emails

It’s one of those obvious hacks that companies are sometimes unwilling to do. Usually, an unopened email can mean that the recipient wasn’t interested in reading the email at all. But other times, it can just mean that the recipient just didn’t see it. Try resending it at least one more time to make sure the recipient has another opportunity to read what you have to say.

2. Get Rid of the “Do Not Reply” Sentence

How many times have you wanted to reply to an email but you couldn’t because the email said, “Do not reply.” No matter what the point of your email campaign is, don’t assume people don’t have anything to say back. Sometimes a lead or customer will have questions or comments, that you don’t want to lose out on seeing. Be approachable. Keep the conversation open using hacks like this one.

email marketing, hacks, emails, leads, customers

3. Do a Split-Test Experiment

We don’t recommend trying this with every email, but if you’re looking to collect more information about your campaign, it’s definitely worth a try. The split-test is when you send one email type to one group of people, and another email type to another group. Typically, it should be split 50/50. The emails should have the same message, but should be designed differently. After the emails are received, analyze them to understand why one email worked better than the other.

4. Delete Unsubscribed Leads

Yeah, we know. It sounds crazy. Why would you ever delete a lead? Well, think about it this way. If you have leads you’ve tried to reach out to on numerous occasions, but they are still not interested, then it’s time to let them go. After all, they are just taking up time and space that another, more inclined lead, could be using. Keep your high-quality leads, and thin out the ones that aren’t engaged and costing you cash.

5. Utilize Unique Holidays Every Month

hacks, email marketing, email, campaign, leads, customers

Customers like to feel like they are special. Around Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and maybe even Groundhog Day, companies find ways to use this time to reach out to leads. Do your research, find holidays or strange dates that actually exist, and find a way to use them in your email marketing strategy. Create a special promotion during these times. People will be keener to open emails when they know something special could be waiting for them in their inbox.

6. It’s Better to Come Overdressed Than Underdressed

No worries. No one needs to model for your email strategy. But, what we mean by this is, don’t hold yourself back from being creative with your emails. Be funny, be unique, be ridiculous. No matter what the topic is of your email, give the reader an opportunity to sit back, chuckle, and say, “Hey, you know what? These guys are actually kind of funny. Let me see what they got.” It could be as simple as sending a funny photo in an email, or an unsubscribe button that shows how sad you are to see them go (in a humorous way, of course).

It’s time to try some new approaches to your email marketing campaign. Request a demo with Mission Suite and understand how to use these hacks to the best of your advantage.