You know what’s really scary? Not taking advantage of the holidays with themed email marketing campaigns. With Halloween just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to grab the attention of your customers who are feeling festive and are looking to celebrate by buying.

Halloween is an ideal time for shopping, it’s a holiday that’s not as expensive as Thanksgiving or Christmas, which leaves consumers with a little extra spending money in their pockets. And with 179 million people in the United States partaking in Halloween festivities, there’s an abundance of people who will love opening your company’s Halloween themed email and seeing what you have to offer.

But what type of Halloween emails will engage your consumers and encourage them to buy? Take a peek at these six scary-good email examples for Halloween.

1. Promote a Halloween sale.

Consumers love finding great deals during the holidays, no matter what the holiday, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to get a big boost in conversions by promoting a Halloween sale to your email list.

JackThreads sent their customers this amazing Halloween email promoting their 70 percent off storewide sale.

Promote a Halloween sale.

Even if the products you sell aren’t spooky at all, you can still take advantage of the fun and festive season by offering special deals this Halloween.

2. Advertise seasonal products.

If you’re selling seasonal items at your business, be sure to let consumers know. Showcasing your Halloween products in an email is a great way to get customers excited about the upcoming holiday.

Starbucks sent this email to consumers to make them aware of all the sweet Halloween treats they offer.

Advertise seasonal products.

Start teasing your seasonal products in emails a couple months before Halloween to stir up excitement and then a couple weeks before the holiday, ramp it up with your all-out Halloween email campaign.

3. Offer themed tutorials.

Providing helpful content and tutorials that will solve your customers’ problems and ease the stress of the holiday is a highly effective way to build brand trust and keep your customers coming back for more.

Clinique showcased a video tutorial in their email to help their customers create the perfect Halloween makeup look as well as recommend products to help them achieve the look themselves.

Offer themed tutorials.

And by offering useful Halloween themed tutorials that help your audience, they’ll be more likely to share it with their friends and family, which will introduce your business to a whole new audience.

4. Hold a Halloween contest.

Holding a Halloween contest for your customers is a great way to increase engagement as well as increase brand awareness for your business, especially if you hold the contest on social media and use hashtags.

Taco Bell emailed their customers this amusing announcement for their Halloween costume contest, All Taco’s Eve.

Hold a Halloween contest.

Your customers will jump at the opportunity to participate in a fun contest that gets them in the Halloween spirit.

5. Offer free shipping for the holiday.

If you send your customers an email with a frighteningly good deal, they’re bound to take notice and offering free shipping during the holiday is an awesome incentive for consumers to make a purchase from your online store.

Fresh Pick Deals catches the attention of their email subscribers with this spooky email announcing free shipping for the holiday.

Offer free shipping for the holiday.

A useful tip for business owners who want to offer free shipping but don’t want to lose money is to set a minimum order limit, for instance, customers have to spend $50 to unlock the free shipping deal.

6. Gamify your sales.

Turning the experience of shopping at your business into an entertaining game is the perfect way to get the most engagement out of your customers. By gamifying your sales, you’ll add a whole new level of excitement for shoppers.

Kendra Scott emailed their customers with this fun, gamified take on a sale where users have to search their website for hidden discounts in the form of pumpkins.

Gamify your sales.

Customers will look forward to shopping with you every single year on Halloween when you turn your sales into engaging events.

In conclusion.

Let these Halloween email examples inspire you to create your own scary-good emails that will haunt the inboxes of your customers – in the best way possible – and they’ll look forward to it every year.

You can easily create fully customized eye-catching emails like the ones shown above by using an email service like MailChimp or Constant Contact with drag and drop email builders.

Start planning your email marketing campaign now so that by the time the scariest night of the year arrives, you’ll be ready to delight your customers with your email tricks and treats and get a big boost in sales.

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