How to Keep Your New Email Subscribers Wanting More

You have people signing up for your email, but do you have a welcome email? A welcome email is the first email that your reader will get from you. So, you want to take the time and make it great. I have received many generic welcome emails that weren’t engaging at all and didn’t get me interested in future emails. There were some cases when I just don’t receive anything, which might be worse than just the generic auto response.

Here are 6 areas to focus on when creating a welcome email.

Subject Line
The subject line is still very important when it comes to welcome emails. You want to steer clear of spammy practices when creating a subject line. This includes WRITING IN ALL CAPS, excessive punctuation and exclamation

marks, and using the word “Free.” We’ve all seen subject lines like that in our inbox, and there might as well be a huge red flashing sign with “DO NOT CLICK” surrounding them.

Now let’s discuss the email itself. Like with most emails, you’ll want to start by creating a header. This usually includes the company logo, navigation links, phone number and/or website. In our example, we simply just have the company logo and a few navigation links. We wanted the readers to recognize where the email is coming from but didn’t want to overwhelm them with a ton of information. Do you like an even cleaner look? You could even get away with just the company logo at the top.


Welcome Message
The next part of a welcome email you’ll need to tackle is the welcome message. Here is where you’ll let the reader know what to expect in future emails from you. Will there be exclusive news, coupons, special offers or contests? You can add a little personalization to the message by adding their first name and making it more like a letter to that person. You should also remind them how they received the email.


Reward the Subscriber
Everyone loves something for free! You might want to consider rewarding people for signing up. We have a coupon in this email for $10 off your next service. When it comes to choosing your reward, make it something you know they would want. That way, they will feel like it was worth signing up and are more likely to keep their eyes out for emails in the future.


What’s Next Section
In the What’s Next section, we provide resources for the reader. We link to the company’s Facebook page, new car inventory, the homepage and the schedule service page. If they signed up for your email, they are most likely interested in your company. This section helps show them where they can go to get more information.


Finally, end the email with your footer. You’ll have the company address, unsubscribe link and privacy policy in the footer. You want to make sure you are CAN-SPAM compliant, and you will need this in your email.